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Thinkpad 600 upgrade options

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Bryan Williams, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Hello all,

    I am currently using a 600E PII 366MHz machine and a SelectaDock II
    for my job. I NEED the versatility and functionality offered by this
    setup. I also NEED a faster machine.

    I realize the 600X PIII 650 MHz unit should fit the SelectaBase on my
    SelectaDock that I have now. However these machines are really hard
    to find at a good deal (I guess because it was the best of this

    Should I just wait until I find one at a good deal or is there another
    model that would fit this docking station?

    I saw a ThinkPad A20M PIII 700 MHz for sale for about $500. The
    listing said it even included a 1.44 floppy. Does anyone know much
    about this model and if so is that floppy internel or an external unit
    like on my 600X?

    Many thanks for any replies, this group has been a great help in the

    Bryan Williams, Sep 1, 2004
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  2. Bryan Williams

    EM Guest

    Ditto. :)

    1. How much ram is in there?
    2. What OS are you using?
    3. What "services" do you have running in the background (i.e.
    antivirus, firewall, etc.)?

    Define "a good deal" (in $$ terms).

    IMO, there are decent deals for 600X's on eBay.

    From what I know, docking stations are usually model/series-specific.

    Don't know much about the A20, but I do know that unlike the 600 series,
    it is a "3-spindle" unit, meaning that the floppy IS internal. Overall
    it's bigger (and heavier) than the 600. So I doubt it'll fit your
    current station.

    Also, don't expect the same level of finish, assembly and keyboard
    "feel" that has us 600 users spoiled rotten.
    EM, Sep 2, 2004
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  3. Crap

    The keyboard issue is a biggie for me. Where I work we sell fairly
    nice Toshiba and Sony notebooks and I have not found ANY yet that had
    a keyboard half as nice as these old 600s.

    As far as services and processes go, I must run the full gamut for my
    job, there is no possibility of lightening the load any further (I am
    a PC repair technician that does a lot of on site work).

    The machine had 288 megs of RAM and a 5400 rpm 40 gig hard drive with
    a 16 meg cache. There really ain't much else I can do for this model.

    As far as a good deal goes I would think about $400 to $450 for the
    650 MHz model, since Dell and others are offering new base models for
    about $699 after rebates with a modern *LEGAL* operating system (yes,
    it is XP Home, but for most folks in that market that would do fine).

    The machines I have found so far (the 650 MHz models) all seem to be
    over $500 with only 64 or 128 megs of RAM.

    I guess another way of looking at it would be, if I have to spend over
    $500 are there any other Thinkpads that offer close to the keyboard
    feel of the 600s that are a little more modern? I guess as far as
    that goes, it would not HAVE to be an IBM Thinkpad, it's just that
    they are all I have ever owned.
    Bryan Williams, Sep 3, 2004
  4. Bryan Williams

    EM Guest

    Okay, but SPECIFICALLY, what AV and/or firewall are you using?

    If you're running Norton AV and/or ZoneAlarm, there's PLENTY that could
    be done to speed up your system. ;-)

    Also, you might want to turn off all *unused* hardware profiles (e.g. IR
    port, parallel).
    EM, Sep 3, 2004
  5. Bryan Williams

    Philip Kiff Guest

    I realize the 600X PIII 650 MHz unit should fit the SelectaBase on my
    A dozen 600X PIII 500MHz units sold on eBay yesterday, all for under $300
    USD. You should be able to find a PIII 650MHz model in your price range
    eventually if you wait. I got a PIII 650MHz (64MB, 12 GB, DVD) a year ago
    for $415 USD plus shipping after waiting for a month or so for a good

    But I'm not sure you'll notice much difference between PIII 500MHz and PIII
    650MHz. The PIII 650MHz CPUs are SpeedStep enabled and can be upgraded if
    you are handy with tools, but the faster PIII CPUs in the MMC-2 form factor
    are very expensive, so it won't save you money in the end: 800MHz and
    850MHz usually go for $100 USD or more.

    The 600X is the highest end ThinkPad compatible with the SelectaDock I, II,
    or III. All 600 and 770 series machines are compatible with these docks,
    but the 600X is better than the 770X/Z and the 600 series and 770 series
    require different SelectaBases and so do not share the same Dock very well.
    I'd continue looking for a 600X, or else get a whole new solution (and a
    new Dock to go with it).

    Philip Kiff, Sep 3, 2004
  6. Thanks for the info folks!

    I was looking around and noticed some posts about the T23 models.

    I saw some 1.13 GHz models going on Ebay for about $600. I would
    rather pay a little extra for that much of a speed boost.

    I guess what I would as now is what is the build quality (particularly
    keyboard feel) of the T23s vs the 600s.

    I have seen docking stations for th eT23s for under $100 on Ebay as
    well, but it looks like it doesn't have internal slots like on my
    SelectaDock. Does that mean I would have to give up my second

    Many thanks, this is very valuable info to me!
    Bryan Williams, Sep 6, 2004
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