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Thinkpad 755cx & Mwave

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by K3, May 30, 2004.

  1. K3

    K3 Guest


    I've been working on/with PC's for many years (since '84), but never messed
    with Laptops/Notebooks very much, so all this PCMCIA, PC Card, etc. laptop
    stuff is new to me.

    I picked up an old IBM Thinkpad 755CX this past winter just to tinker around

    Would someone help me identify the model of this old IBM Thinkpad 755cx.
    It's a Pentium-75 w/ 540mb HD and 24mb of RAM running DOS 6.22 & Win 3.11.
    It's got a Floppy Drive, but no CD Drive. I'm trying to find out more
    about the soundcard(?). I noticed that the Users Guide that I downloaded
    from IBM's website shows a modem/sound card with 3 jacks (Headphones, Mic
    and Modem)... this one only has 1 jack with a music note. What is it?

    I've tried everything I can think of... Fresh install of DOS & Windows,
    downloaded and installed all the drivers from IBM's website
    , but still don't have any sound. Anytime I try to access anything
    sound-related, I get an error message saying that the Mwave Sound System
    Mixer is not currently installed. I've tried re-installing it, but it
    doesn't fix the problem. The instructions said to install the Midi Samples
    before installing Mwave, but I got an error telling me that Mwave hadn't
    been installed -- so I installed Mwave and then re-installed the Midi

    One more question... are these Type I or Type II PCMCIA slots??? All of
    the website with TP 755cx specs say Type I/II, but one IBM dealer tells me
    it's only Type I, while another IBM dealer tells me it's Type II.


    Kendall F. Stratton III
    Fort Fairfield, Maine USA
    [email protected](86_THE_SPAM)maine.rr.com

    "Support bacteria -- it's the only culture some people have!"
    K3, May 30, 2004
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  2. Assuming you've reloaded Windows 3.1 (since you specifically said DOS
    also) -

    I used the drivers from here for win 3.1 -

    And then Audio should work - I have one here - just an old machine to play
    with. I've installed Windows 95 on a 5 GB hard disk (bent pins 1 and 2 over
    so the 755CX will recognize it) - works fine and the audio also works.

    For the Modem - I want to remember that this needs to be set up to make some
    of the other sound work, but won't be sure on this one.

    For the PC Card Slots - Type II - NOT cardbus.

    My problem is that the serial port tests bad - and that requires a new
    motherboard (not worth it for me)

    Hope this helps.
    ClevelandTech, May 30, 2004
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  3. K3

    Keyweaver Guest

    I had (still have, but no longer use) a 755CX. Mine had a 800x600 res
    display which I don't think was common to all of them, but I don't
    remember. It originally came with a dual boot configuration which they
    called Selectasystem (I think). This had DOS/Win 3.11 as one choice and
    OS/2 Warp v3 with WIN-OS/2, (meaning it would run Windows 3.1 and its
    applications from OS/2, as the other choice. I eventually replaced all
    this with Windows 95 and then Windows 98. I recall this to be the best
    way this computer ran for me until I replaced it with something newer
    and faster.

    You must install the Mwave modem in its entirety for the sound system to
    work as it should, but I suggest you try doing this with the Windows 98
    files etc. if this OS is available to you. I know it had the fewest
    problems on my 755CX.

    I haven't looked at it for a while but mine still worked the last time I
    tried it!
    Keyweaver, May 30, 2004
  4. K3

    Paul Rubin Guest

    The mwave board may only have been present in the 800x600 version of
    the 755cx. There was a 640x480 model that had less stuff in it. When
    present and with the mwave software installed, the mwave simulated a
    soundblaster and also a 14.4kbps modem. I don't remember if it did
    28.8 kbps as well. The software was downloadable from the ibm web
    site and somebody had concocted some way to run it under linux, but I
    never got it to work on mine.
    Paul Rubin, Jun 10, 2004
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