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Thinkpad A22P shuts down unxepectedly

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by lew, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. lew

    lew Guest

    I have an IBM ThinkPad A22P that shuts off unexpectedly, when it's in
    XP Pro SP2 and even when not in the OS (while in the BIOS). It seems
    to be from overheating, although I'm not certain. I've tested it while
    on battery only, with AC adaptor connected, and every combination
    thereof. I don't think it is the AC/DC power adaptor, as I've used
    other known good ones. I'm thinking that it must be the processor fan
    not working or the main system board fan not working, but I can't find
    the FRU replacement part for a system board fan, only a processor fan.
    I have used memtest86+, and tested each SIMM separately and they both
    test without any errors (1 1/2 hrs.)as suggested by someone on

    I'm reasonably sure that it's heat related, 'cause after I was done
    testing, I rebooted and it started to go into Windows XP and about 30
    seconds into the bootup process, it shutdown again, tried again several
    times and it kept shutting down in shorter and shorter intervals. The
    strange thing is that the memtest86+ ran for over an hour and a half
    and it didn't shutdown - and of course the HD never comes into play
    'cause the memtest is running from a floppy. Is it posible the HD is
    compromised? I did run AVAST's AV on it prior to the memtest86+ and it
    found one Trojan virus that I deleted. I also noticed that there is no
    exhaust fan working on the left side of the Thinkpad where there
    appears to be an exhaust vent - is there one in that model?
    Has anyone had a similar problem, or knows what the solution to this is
    lew, Jul 4, 2005
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  2. there is no system board fan. Try re-seating the CPU and use a good
    insulator, like Artic Silver. It might help.
    Bruce Markowitz, Jul 6, 2005
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