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Thinkpad screen goes black

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Clueless in Seattle, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. I'm disabled and have difficulty sitting up in a chair for very long
    due to a circulation disorder, so some kind friends gave me their
    (very) old ThinkPad laptop so that I could check my email and work on
    projects while resting in bed.

    The computer is very old and apparently has been kicked around quite a
    bit because the left "mouse" button is broken off and the delete and
    down arrow keys don't work at all. But it still works, in fact I'm
    typing this message on it from my bed right now.

    However it has one problem that I've not been able to solve: Every
    now and then the display screen goes completely black and I've not
    been able to figure out how to get the display to come back on. I've
    tried pressing every key on the keybooard, clicking the "mouse" keys,
    wiggling the mouse pointer thing-a-ma-jig, holding down the Fn, Alt
    and Ctrl keys and pressing every key on the keyboard (I may have
    missed a few, actually) to no avail. I haven't figured out where the
    "reset" button is, and as the Delete key doesn't work I can't use
    Alt-Ctrl-Delete, and the on/off switch won't let me turn off the
    computer, it just beeps at me when I try, so each time the screen goes
    dark I end up having to unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery, put
    the battery back in, plug in the AC adapter and then turn on the
    computer. Of course I then have to go through the "Windows did not
    shut down properly" routine before I can try to find what's left of
    whatever project I was working on when the screen went black on me.

    I'm hoping that this blacking out of the screen is a "feature" and not
    a defect, and thus that there is a simple way to get the screen back
    on again.

    The ThinkPad has a sticker with the number "560" above the F7 key, and
    on the back in the fine print it says: "Type 2640." It is running
    Windows 95.
    Clueless in Seattle, Sep 17, 2003
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  2. Clueless in Seattle

    Al Adrian Guest

    Does the screen go black _while_ you are using it?

    If not try holding down the Fn key and pressing F4... That is the combo on
    both my IBM laptops to take it out of sleep mode..

    If you are typing when this happens I'd suggest a hardware issue. Holding
    the on/off button _off_ for 3 to 5 seconds should shut it right down
    (simular to unplugging and removing battery).

    You could visit IBM.com to download a manual for your system.

    Al Adrian, Sep 17, 2003
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