thinkpad T60p 2007-93U crash

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by traiur, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Apr 24, 2008
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    Hello I have had my T60p for about a year and a half. For the first year she worked almost perfectly. A few bumps here and there but nothing too big. Then when sophomore year hasn't been fun at all.

    My current problem is confusing my roomate and I although we have narrowed it down to overheating. How to fix it though is beyond us.

    Whenever I use my T60p in any sort of even semi graphics heavy work (which is rather common as im in engineering school) the computer works fine and dandy for about 7 minutes and then decides to go into standby mode (which it is set to never go into). For a while all I had to do was wait about 5 minutes and turn it out of standby mode and she would truck on for an hour or two before going to sleep yet again. NOW however she can't even seem to remember what standby mode is.

    Now instead of standby mode (even though It tells me its going into standby mode) it shuts off. The distressing part is that it will not turn back on for at least 30 minutes. If you try it comes up with 2 possible error mesages. If she is in a good mood it will say "Not enough Virtual memory to complete the action" and shut off after displaying that for almost one second maybe a little less. If shes in a bad mood, and empty error message will apear with an empty button and an empty close box for about 2 seconds before the computer shuts off.

    Now this happens most readily and predictably whenever I try to play video games (namely Guild Wars).

    The thing is I have been playing GW on this computer since I got it and have never had any trouble. About 2 months ago I had to get the fan replaced as it aparently broke. (do not even ask how much fun that entire process was). And now with the new fan and a new cooling pad, the computer dies even more often than it ever did.

    At this moment my CPU temp is 120 and my drive is 90 (running AIM and FireFox only). However once I open GW my CPU scyrockets to 180+ before it dies after 5-7 minutes.

    Due to the Virtual memory message, I set my VM to 0 restarted, deleted all temp files and reset the VM. This fixed the problem for about 3 weeks. Then the problem came back with a vengence and the VM dump does nothing now. However last night I was able to play GW for 3 hours strait with no trouble.

    Any help, tips, or suggestions would be amazing.

    A friend of mine mentioned that maybe when they put the new fan in they failed to put the gel in btwn the cpu and the heatsink/fan on correctly and that the VM problem is just my computer not being happy after crashing.

    Is this a thing to look into or does it sound like the problem is actual hardware not a mis adjusted part?
    traiur, Apr 24, 2008
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