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Thinkpads and PartitionMagic

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by John Doue, May 20, 2005.

  1. John Doue

    John Doue Guest

    Using a R51 (my first Thinkpad), I am stumped by the problems I have
    using PartitionMagic with it. When I use PartitionMagic with the an
    additional hard disk ( be it via the Firewire connection to a hd
    enclosure or with the multipurpose bay), PQMagic reports one of the
    perfectly good drives is faulty. This problem does not occur using
    Acronis Disk Director but unfortunately for me who paid good money for
    both programs, PQMagic is by far the most convenient. I add that this
    problem never occurred to me until I use PQMagic on a Thinkpad.

    I seem to remember having read somewhere that ThinkPads use a specific
    setup for their hard-disk. But would anyone know what the problem really
    is? Of course, PQMagic, assuming one knows to whom it belongs now and
    who, more importantly, who effectively supports it, does not feel
    responsible for this problem which leaves me little choice beyond
    cloning disks instead of simply, as I do with non-IBM machines, copying

    This type of problem - familiar to Compaq owners before a well known
    lady decided the company had nowhere to go without her - had always
    prevented me from buying machines which relied on proprietary setups or
    hardware. But a few days before IBM became Chinese and decided to open
    the gates to more entrepreneurial and more long term oriented investors,
    I finally succombed to one of my best friend's suggestions. Not that I
    regret it but ... Would I do it again now ? No, not because of the
    machine but because I hate what IBM did.
    John Doue, May 20, 2005
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  2. John Doue

    John Doue Guest

    I respectfully disagree. Obviously, PQmagic has some responsability here
    but I have used the product for years with a multitude of machines and
    never found an instance where PQMagic could not, at the very least, open
    the hard drives without reporting an imaginary configuration error: even
    without performing any operation, the problem exists. There has to be
    something peculiar about the way IBMs handles drives which confuses
    PQMagic. This peculiarity has never been integrated, AFAIK, in PQMagic
    latest versions (actually, it looks like, as is often the case, Norton
    inherited PQmagic from Symantec but does not care about it although it
    does not have a competing product). I am just trying to find out exactly
    what is so special about the way IBMs handle hard drives.

    I am not saying the product is 100% foolproof, granted, but over the
    years, I only can incriminate PQMagic for one and only one failure. And
    believe me, I do jiggle partitions to the chagrin of some of my best PC

    No, there is more to it and someone surely knows what it is here ...
    John Doue, May 20, 2005
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