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Third party Flat Panel Display for Elite 3Dm6 recommendation

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Andrew Tyson, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Andrew Tyson

    Andrew Tyson Guest


    I have a couple of Elite 3Dm6 framebuffers hooked up to
    a SB1K. Currently I am running the FBs in 1280x1024x76 mode
    and have Xinerama enabled.

    I was hoping to replace the 21" CRT that currently occupies most
    of my desk with a couple of 17" TFTs that can accomodate the resolution
    I mentioned above. I have done a Google search and found recommendations
    for HP and Samsung Flat Panel Displays, however I would prefer to get
    the independent opions of NG members who have successfully attached
    third party displays.

    Thanks and regards,
    Andrew Tyson, Sep 4, 2004
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  2. Andrew, I've used HP (L1825, L2025, and L2035) and Samsung 213T LCD
    panels on Creator3D and Expert3D cards. In all cases I had to calibrate
    carefully (using supplied calibration images that come with the
    monitors) and even then some amount of analog noise was still present
    in the display. A poster recently described this as "trembling" which is
    as good a description as I've seen. Sometimes it varied thoughout
    the day (perhaps due to noise or temperature variations in the case?)

    The problem is the analog to digital conversions in the LCD panels
    are not perfect and the timing from your Elite3D may not give you
    a perfectly stable image depending on the LCD. I believe it's a
    timing issue with the graphics card/driver, as I've seen analog (vga)
    connections from nvidia cards create a perfectly stable display
    on the same LCD that gave the Sun problems.

    Your best solution is to get a digital (DVI) card for your
    SB1K if you want to drive a LCD and get a perfect image (each
    pixel mapped one to one to each element of the LCD). The increase
    in sharpness this gives you over an analog signal converted to
    digital by the LCD is not insignificant.

    If Sun has "fixed" this is the LCDs they sell under their own
    label, perhaps they did it via driver patches for the graphics
    cards. If so maybe you can find out and get the appropriate patches
    for your Elite3D. If they fixed it on the LCD side, I'm afraid
    you're out of luck. I've never seen a Sun LCD in person, so I
    don't really know if they fixed it at all.

    Colin Stuckless, Sep 4, 2004
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  3. I have an Elite 3Dm6 connected to a Viewsonic VP171 via a 13W3-VGA
    adaptor, and the picture quality of this combination is excellent.
    I tried a couple of low-end monitors, but they didn't have sync on green
    and I got no picture, so check the datasheets for the monitors!

    Good luck,

    Philip Macphail, Sep 4, 2004
  4. I'm not running quite what you want, but here is my experiences
    running on an Ultra 80.

    I'm epileptic, so decided I'd dump the CRT in favor of a TFT. At the
    time, this 19" Iiyam AU4831D was quite expensive (~1300 pounds, or
    $2000). Before buying, I asked Iiyama if it would be suitable for use
    with a Sun. They said yes, which gave me some hope I might be able to
    recover my money if it was not. (I would do that if I were you).

    This unit is 1600x1200, which is not supported in the elite3D-m3
    (don't know about the m6) so I bought a Creator3D (later versions
    support 1600x1200, but not all do). I gather the Creator3D is not
    supported in the U80, but it works okay for me.

    Overall I'm quite happy with this Iiyama AU4831D 19" TFT and Ultra 80
    combination. I have seen the shimering effects reported by another
    poster, but have always been able to remove them with the phase and
    clock controls. You will notice this more on a test pattern, which has
    very fine parallel black and white lines, one pixel apart. That's
    hardly representative of what images you actually use on your screen,
    so I would not worry about it too much.

    I do have a DVI-D input too on this monitor, which comes from a PC. I
    can't say I perceive any difference in the quality of the VGA input
    (from the Sun) or DVI-D (from a PC), but perhaps a very close
    inspection would show the digital input to be better - one would
    expect it might be.

    David Kirkby
    Dr. David Kirkby, Sep 5, 2004
  5. Andrew Tyson

    Gerry T Guest

    Im using a Samsung SyncMaster 192N on a Blade 1K. Same vid card.
    Its pretty good for sure.
    Probably the same diagonal display area as a 21" CRT.
    Only thing is the refresh rate is a mere 60 Hz and most of these types
    of monitors max out at 1280x1024 unless you almost double the $$
    Refresh that slow on a CRT would be bad but I havent noticed it on the
    I was using it on an Ultra 2 with a Creator UPA vid card and it
    behaved differently especially during boot where Id see a 2" wide
    black area on the
    left of the screen. No amount of fiddling would get rid of it.
    Not so on the Blade though. Go 19" : >
    Gerry T, Sep 5, 2004
  6. Andrew Tyson

    Andrew Tyson Guest

    Thanks for the tip Gerry - regrattably I think
    that my budget will be restricted to a 17", especially
    since I am going to be buying a couple of displays :-(

    Andrew Tyson, Sep 5, 2004
  7. Andrew Tyson

    Andre Guest

    My Ultra-2 with a Creator 3D is connected to a BenQ FP731. Rock solid,
    stable image.
    Andre, Oct 2, 2004
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