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"This ain't mario"

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Another idea for a game (design):

    The game would be called:

    "This ain't mario"

    The whole idea of the game is to take a major piss at mario/nintendo.

    This game would be ment for people who are sick of nintendo consoles and
    especially sick of the kiddie games of nintendo and the kiddie look for
    super mario.

    So this game would be the "bad-ass" version of nintendo.

    With a really cruel and buffy looking mario, like a super plumber, like a
    mutated super hero, like a hulk with lot's of mussle, but still a fat-ass

    And this bad ass mario would swear a lot, maybe sometimes in italian... and
    who have a shotgun to blow out the brains of foes, like stupid turtles, or
    bad ass turtles and ofcourse koopa.

    Bad-ass Mario could also ride on the back of turtles and treat them like a
    fokking horse.. but slowly... like animal abuse.

    It's mission is too destroy the fantasy world of super mario... the fantasy
    world is a turd stuck in the pipe line and it must be cleared.

    Therefore during each level, bad-ass mario must stuff dynamite in all kinds
    of pipes...

    At the end of the level he reaches the trigger and detonates the entire

    BOOOOOOOOOOOMMM another level nicely destroyed ! awesome.

    Sometimes he can also destroy parts of the level that might pose a threat to
    him... just to get rid of it prematurely and for nice graphics/explosion

    Sometimes he could also blow stuff up to fall to next level to proceed
    there... and perhaps later return to clean up.

    He could also step on creatures and make them splet.

    Turtles would explode in blood, either red or green.

    He would eat the toad stoole and it would die in a horribly death scream.

    There would be a whore who needs to get a stuffing instead of the shitty
    princess ;) :)

    Perhaps the real mario could even make a suprise appareance but that might
    trigger copyright violation so perhaps not so a good idea.

    Anybody should be able to make a game with a plumber in it who happens to be
    wearing red and who happens to be an italian motherfokker... so that's the
    whole point of this game too... these characters do not belong to nintendo
    but are just general figures ;) :)

    And the title represents it to: There can be no confusion: "This aint mario"
    ! ;) =D

    So the whole game is also somewhat of a parady of mario... but a somewhat
    more hatefull and destructive parody for all those people who are sick of
    all the sweet juicy mario games... and what to play something *reaaalllyy*
    bad ass for a change ;) :) But still in the mario universe somewhat ;) :)

    Just to see how it would be...

    There could also be an ass-and-**** raping big nasty donkey kong nigger ass

    The donkey kong nigger as donkey comes around and fucks everybody in the
    level. LOL.

    He's a horny little fella... if he gets you in the ass... you loose a life !
    ;) =D

    If toadstole makes a picture while it happens you loose two lifes.

    You should have killed that bastard with the digital camera first or when
    you had the chance ! ;)

    He runs away like a little paparazi bitch... once he has his valuable
    pictures... of you doing something indecent or getting treated in shamefull
    way.... you should pursuit him and teach him a lesson by stumping on him...
    and smashing his digital camera... and kicking his ass and kicking his body
    all way up into the sky and through the whole level... good riddance of him.

    There could also be a little paris hilton bitch twist to the
    princess-whore... or perhaps a wanna be... which needs to be killed too.
    Maybe multiple princess-sluts/whores. The paris hilton look-a-like slut
    could be one of the end bosses as a surprise ;) :)

    There would be hints throughout the game in the background where she might
    drive passed you in her car... through dirty panties at you... or other
    disgusting stuff... like slime from her ****... she trying to make you slim
    and fall to the ground so she can shukkle at it... and the parazi nail you
    with their camera's.

    There would also be a "snooki" monster... a dirty brown bitch trying to him
    you at every corner... if she humps you successfully you ll get stuck with a
    gigant boner which you could use to smash stuff... she slipped some viagra
    into your throat with her kisses.

    The big bonner can be used to smash levels and perhaps some enemies too.

    The snooki will shack anything... so if she shackes enemies they might get
    big boners too... so then you need to jump over them... or be very carefull
    or somehow kill them with your big shotgun, but only few bullits available.

    There will also be "big mussle guys" the friends of the snooki... they don't
    like it very much when you shaking snooki, you will have to take care of
    them by beating them up real good too ;) :) Maybe slam em with your dick...

    But beware... hit them wrongly and they might break your big dick... and
    then it will shrink back to normal proportions.

    After some time it will auto shrink back...

    There could also be very ugly grandma's... when you look at them... your
    dick will shrink immediatly.. so you must prevent all eye contact/sight
    contact with the grandma's...

    Some might come in wheel chairs... you can push them down stairs or
    something... and destroy them that way... then they will crawl over the
    ground... and you will jump on them to finish them off... doing so will give
    nice health benefits... all of their medicines will entire your body.

    Finally the under taker will come.. he will try to take their grandma's to
    their final destination/their graves... but if you let him succeed.. the
    grandma's will come back to hunt you... no can't do... the undertaker must
    be stopped from collecting the souls and bodies of the grandma's... the
    undertaker could either be a priest-looking figure... or the typical
    undertaker from hell with the seize/weapon looking blade thing... I would
    prefer the priest...

    Whoever if you kill too many priest, the real under will came... and try to
    cut you with his blade... defeating him will require special powers... it
    will require the blade from hell... only the blade from hell can defeat the
    undertaker... the blade of hell was stuck in paris hilton's pussy... that's
    why she must die... you will ultimately need the blade to defeat undertakers
    later on in the game ! ;) :)

    Or perhaps you can kick paris hilton during the game when she drives by and
    steps out... this will make her drop the blade from her **** and then you
    can use it against the undertakers ;) :) She will go back in her car with
    **** pain and drive off... to later be the ultimate boss ;) :)

    Perhaps there you can run the blade back into her ****... But she had so
    many dicks up her **** that it has turned into metal... so the blade is no
    longer usefull and will break and be gone ;) :)

    She will have a gigant **** with a gigant metal thing around it... and she
    will try to slam your head with her **** belt.

    You must avoid it... she will also try to kick and jump onto you with her
    gigant skinny legs.... almost like a spider.

    She must be decapped with repeated blows against her head... he neck will
    start to break and her head will start to hang from her neck...

    She talks so much trash... that here tong will be hanging from her neck...
    babbling and still trying to lick you... don't let her lick you... she's
    infected with all kinds of diseases... if she licks you you will loose some

    The tong must be cut into pieces or cut off.

    Finally her **** must be kicked so many times and so hard that the metal
    starts to break.... kick her as hard as you can by holding the button ;) :)
    a power meter will start running, the longer the hold the harder the kick...

    Finally the metal will break and her gigant ****/hole will become
    apparently... there are all dirty creatures hiding in it... green little
    spider creatures and dirty sick slime creatures...

    They come running out of her **** at mass... and must be defeated/stamped
    on... not all of them... just some of them....

    Finally her dirty **** hole must be put to rest... but taking one viagra
    pill to get a big boner... and then she needs one final disgusting big
    job... just to ram that hole to pieces one last time...

    Once she is totally rammed to pieces, she will explodes into a thousand
    pieces of flesh... and then the monster has been defeated ! ;) =D
    (Perhaps a gigant orgasmic explosion ;) :))

    Splatter seed everywhere lol....

    What a hero you are !

    You saved the day !

    The dirty **** slut has been defeated ! ;) =D

    You are the hero of the world ! ;) =D

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jul 7, 2011
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  2. Or an even better ending:

    After the big job.. she briefly looks very relaxed... and slowly turns back
    to normal... then she stands up and says:

    "Thanks bad-ass mario, I really needed that !"

    And then she walks off, like nothing happened... tum-die-dum-tie-dum...

    She leaves the stage ! ;) =D

    This leaves open the possibility for a sequal... the next time she's in
    "heat" ;) =D

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jul 7, 2011
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