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Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Annie Woughman, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. For some reason I can't find the HP newsgroup, but I know Ben reads this
    one. Since I upgraded my computers to Windows 7, I am having trouble with
    my HP Laserjet 1300. I have downloaded the latest drives and it prints
    OK--ONE PAGE AT A TIME. This is especially annoying if I am using the
    scanner to make copies of something. It doesn't matter how many copies I
    choose in the program I am using, Word, copy, whatever, only one page at a
    time will print. A multiple page document will print all pages, but only
    one copy. Since the scanner has to then rescan the document instead of the
    printer just cranking out the 20 copies, this is horribly slow. Do you have
    any suggestions?
    Annie Woughman, Nov 12, 2010
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  2. Yes, two of the computers were XP and one was Vista, all worked fine with
    the HP.
    I had updated the drivers to the universal driver, but I hadn't tried the
    PostScript. That didn't do the trick either. I have found that if I go
    into the Printer Properties and choose the number of copies there before a
    big print job it will print the correct amount of copies, but what a PIA to
    have to remember that each time (especially since I have to remember to go
    back in and change it back to 1 when I am done. Also, I have discovered
    that is much less reliable about printing correctly for a custom size paper,
    such as a card envelope. It is obvious that the printer isn't "getting the
    message" from the computer. We have an HP Color Laserjet CP1518ni that
    works fine with Windows 7.
    Yes, the ones I tried today were dated September 2010, still no good.
    I thought it was something like that, but apparently my ISP no longer
    carries it, that is why I couldn't find it. Kind of strange because they
    used to. Oh well, I'm just glad they still provide the newsgroups, a lot of
    ISPs are dropping them completely.

    Thank you for the suggestions.
    Annie Woughman, Nov 13, 2010
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  3. * * *
    Annie Woughman,

    Yes I had to subscribe to a Premium News Service to continue with news
    groups, I reduced my Internet speeds, money I was paying to the local
    Cable company and subscribed to Astraweb for $13 a month ($39 billed for
    three months Unlimited service)...

    I can only vote with my pocketbook, and that was my "stick it to the man"
    solution when Cox Communications dropped newsgroups entirely. The sad
    part there was nation wide Newsgroup discussion by users on Cox's price,
    service and internet speeds, along with the failure of their email
    service that is never posted on their service outage website.

    Nor is it discussed as freely on DSLreports as it was on the newsgroups...

    Postman Delivers, Jan 31, 2011
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