Those SMALL 10" screens.... A few questions.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by LEESA, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. LEESA

    LEESA Guest

    I have been using the same SONY TRINITRON 17" monitor for about ten
    years or so. I do use reading glasses but for the most part... the
    monitor still works great. Now... I haven't really used many other
    PCs so I don't actually know if monitors have improved much in the
    last several years.

    Now... I am limited on money and was thinking about getting one of
    those small NETBOOK type computers. Mainly for surfing the internet
    and saving some stuff from the web.

    My questions are as follows. Obviously... going from a 16" visible
    area monitor to a 10" one is gonna take some getting used to but am I
    gonna have to get new glasses to see everything? Is it very
    challenging to see everything clearly when using a screen this small?

    I was just wondering what you guys thought about these small laptop
    PCs in general. Mostly... my concerns are of a visual nature.

    Thanks in advance

    LEESA (I)
    LEESA, Sep 21, 2009
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  2. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    LEESA typed on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 02:38:31 -0700 (PDT):
    Well Leesa, I use 7 inch netbooks (800x600) and I like them very much. I
    also sometimes connect them to an 19 inch external monitor from time to
    time (1440x900). But some people would have a problem with such small

    Another complaint about netbooks, is the keyboards are smaller and
    harder to touch type. Although many of us gets used to it. They also
    don't have a CD/DVD drive. Not that you need one. They are usually handy
    just to install OS and copy protected applications. But it doesn't hurt
    to have one of those slimline CD/DVD USB drives if you think you will
    miss one.

    If you get a SSD (solid state drive) instead of a hard drive model. Some
    of them have more than one SSD. And regardless, but the first one would
    be better if it is 8GB or larger. This is the boot/system drive and for
    many 4GB is too small for Windows XP to be updated very much. And if you
    get one with a SSD, it would be nice to get one that can be easily
    upgraded. Meaning the SSD is replaceable and not soldered on the
    BillW50, Sep 21, 2009
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  3. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    In RnR typed on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 06:06:47 -0500:
    Not really, as they are generally very much the same. Except some have
    good sound and some have terrible sound. And some are easily upgradeable
    and some are not. Yet the prices are about the same. So why bother with
    the ones with poor sound and non-upgradeable?

    Another thing I like about netbooks is that they almost always use LEDs
    for the backlight of the screens. This does away with the inverter and
    the florescent lamp. Which usually only lasts 25,000 hours or much less.
    These LEDs should last a lifetime. <vbg>
    BillW50, Sep 21, 2009
  4. LEESA

    David Harper Guest

    I researched netbooks and chose the Acer Aspire One D250, with 2GB of memory
    and a 6-cell battery (~6 hours).

    I was pleasantly surprised how easy its 10" screen was to read. My main
    computer has a 22" widescreen LCD. I normally wear bifocals for general
    use: reading, driving, etc. But for my 22" monitor I have special
    single-vision glasses ("computer glasses"). Since I use my Acer away from
    home, where I do not have my "computer glasses", my bifocals work great.
    Reading its screen is more like reading a book because of the downward angle
    to the screen.

    - David Harper
    David Harper, Sep 21, 2009
  5. LEESA

    Ben Myers Guest

    My question for you: How good are your eyes?

    I use a 12" LCD screen at 1024x768 and large font size on an IBM
    X-series small notebook. For me, this is fine, and I would not want a
    smaller screen. For you, the answer may be very different.

    I have had hands on with a 10" subnotebook, and I would not want it as a
    full-time computer. Maybe OK just for travel... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 21, 2009
  6. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    In Ben Myers typed on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 09:11:13 -0400:
    Yet there are people like me who is sitting right in front of a 19 inch
    monitor. But I have it powered off and I am currently using the built in
    7 inch monitor (800x600) instead. Strange, eh?
    BillW50, Sep 21, 2009
  7. LEESA

    Ben Myers Guest

    Right. Different strokes for different folks. Whatever turns you on... Ben
    Ben Myers, Sep 21, 2009
  8. LEESA

    Brian K Guest

    We have a 10" netbook. It took less than an hour to get used to the smaller
    screen (from a 19" screen desktop and 15" laptop). I'll never buy a
    conventional laptop again. We love the netbook.

    One negative is the 600 pixel vertical resolution which makes for more
    scrolling. But you adapt.
    Brian K, Sep 21, 2009
  9. LEESA

    me Guest

    I have a Dell Mini 9 and love it and like you would
    never want a full size laptop aging UNLESS I really
    needed that power!

    The only complaint I have with my net book is it only
    has an 8gig SSD..... and that is just not enough

    I can get a 32 gig SSSD for it for $120, but almost
    think its best to take that $120 and buy another net
    book with bigger hard drive? Yes?
    me, Sep 22, 2009
  10. LEESA

    Star Guest

    It will all depend on *YOUR* eyes not what others see.
    I have 71 year old eyes and have reading glasses and computer glasses
    and cataracts. I also have a Aspire one with 9.7 screen which I can
    read with no glasses (I don't know why). The text is sharp on my
    Aspire but the resolution is crap at 1024x600 as it requires you to
    scroll all the time to see what is on the screen and I can't come to
    grips with using a scroll pad so have a mouse hooked up.
    You can go to most any store selling NetBooks and look at the screen
    and see what your eyes are doing.
    The thing you cannot really get a feel for is the actual in use
    features or the limitations of a NetBook which are many.
    I cannot even think of watching a DVD on such a screen and of course
    the sound is not that great.

    Some will say that you can hookup a larger screen to the VGA output
    and an external USB CD/DVD and a USB keyboard this is true but then
    what is the use of a NetBook over a real computer which will have all
    these items and a much faster CPU plus more storage and cost very
    little more than the NetBook alone.

    Star, Sep 22, 2009
  11. LEESA

    Brian K Guest

    Mine came with a 160 GB SATA HD. I've replaced it with a 320 GB 7200 rpm
    SATA HD which is a little faster but not dramatic. I've put the old HD in an
    external enclosure. SATA HDs are certainly cheaper than SSD.

    I have about 10 Operating Systems in mine and I still have plenty of free
    Brian K, Sep 22, 2009
  12. LEESA

    Brian K Guest

    I watch DVDs on mine and use earphones as I agree the internals speakers
    lack quality sound. The 10" screen is fine for DVDs and earphones give very
    acceptable sound.

    Small screens don't bother me. I've watched a DVD on a SanDisk Sansa with a
    40 mm screen. I thought it would be ridiculous before I tried it but it was
    much better than spending 2 hours doing nothing while waiting for a plane.
    Brian K, Sep 22, 2009
  13. LEESA

    Geoff Guest

    10" screen ?
    you mean a netbook
    good for light/medium use
    buy this as an extra to your main pc, not in place of
    Geoff, Sep 22, 2009
  14. LEESA

    LEESA Guest

    Can you do things such as edit photos, download music etc... on a
    NetBook or do you need to purchase some kind of peripherals to do

    Aside from burning media.... can you do anything on a NetBook that
    you can on a desktop or a laptop?

    Thank You

    LEESA (I)
    LEESA, Sep 22, 2009
  15. LEESA

    Brian K Guest


    So far I haven't found software that won't run on my netbook. Even Photoshop
    runs fine.
    Brian K, Sep 22, 2009
  16. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    In typed on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 18:40:02 -0500:
    I don't know? I bought 5 of them and I still upgraded my SSD too.
    BillW50, Sep 22, 2009
  17. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    In Brian K typed on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 06:44:05 GMT:
    True, but hard drives sport stickers that says fragile on them. So
    riding in vehicles or running with one isn't such a good idea to have
    hard drives running. Thus takes away from the portability aspect of
    them. NASA has tried to launch with spinning hard drives, but they would
    quickly fail. Replacing them with SSDs solved this problem.
    I have 10 on mine too. But I have 5 of them and lots of spare SSD cards.
    BillW50, Sep 22, 2009
  18. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    In [email protected]*.* typed on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:33:17 +1000:
    What do you say to someone who has more powerful computers, but still
    connects up their netbooks to external keyboard, mouse, and monitor and
    uses them everyday anyway? I figure why use them if I could do the same
    on a netbook anyway? As the performance is the same for most tasks
    anyway. Although playing heavy intensive games, video and/or audio
    editing I'll switch to a more powerful machine. But otherwise, one can't
    even tell which machine you are using anyway. So what difference does it
    make? Plus my 5 netbooks are dead silent. That is really nice. <vbg>
    BillW50, Sep 22, 2009
  19. LEESA

    BillW50 Guest

    In Brian K typed on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 06:53:45 GMT:
    Well I have a 2.3 inch Casio TV right here. And netbooks are huge
    compared to this. And I often use my TV tuner card and watch TV in a 2
    inch square on my computer screen while I am working on my computer. And
    I just double click on it to see it in full screen if I want too.

    And I do watch DVD movies on my 7 inch netbooks too. Seems okay to me.
    But I am nearsighted anyway and I can see things clearly even 4 inches
    away if necessary. But I do have a 52 inch TV too, does that count?

    As far as sound and netbooks... what I like about the Asus 700 series
    EeePCs is that the speakers are right where they are supposed to be. As
    they are on the right and left sides of the screen. And everybody I know
    raves about how nice they sound. I don't know if they are the best
    sounding netbooks, but they have to be one of the best sounding ones for
    BillW50, Sep 22, 2009
  20. LEESA

    me Guest

    Yeah I should have gotten a netbook with standard hard
    drive.... not solid state

    What brand/model netbook you have Brian?
    me, Sep 22, 2009
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