Thousands of terabytes of RAM thrown out by Mac users!

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Jason Robert, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Jason Robert

    Jason Robert Guest

    It's really quite something to hear Mac users talk about Mac value. They
    tell you that instead of buying a Mini or an iMac with 4GB of RAM, which
    costs $110 extra, you're much better off buying it with 2GB of RAM,
    throwing away that scrap expensive RAM, and buying 4GB of RAM from OWC
    at $38.99. Hey, though you throw away 2GB of RAM, you still save $70!!!
    nospam explains that, though Apple is interested in selling you all the
    rest of the computer, it's just not interested in selling RAM !?!?!?

    This is what buying a Mac is all about: preventing Steve from building
    the largest market cap company and getting us once and for all away from
    the 1984 world we were running into head on.

    There's just a little hitch with RAM, you see. All the rest of the
    computer is priced right -- the motherboard, the CPU, the GPU, the power
    supply, etc. -- but the RAM is more than 5x too expensive.

    You say you disagree: you're a troll. What a community that throws
    thousands of terabytes of RAM just to save a few dollars! Don't tell
    them they're not eco-friendly, they'll throw rocks at you. Don't tell
    them that maybe, just /maybe/, Apple should be pressured into enlarging
    their casings by one cubic inch and spending 50¢ more for adding a
    second set of memory slots, they'll tell you you understand nothing to
    Apple's very peculiar manufacturing process.

    I've got this nice iMac at home that I still pay for and my wife and
    brother-in-law will use much more than I until I take my pension. I
    wonder if I shouldn't sell it to them and claim my PC back from my kids.
    (I'm sure they can afford a brand new one!) At least, I'd get 4 memory
    slots for no extra money at all.
    Jason Robert, Jul 25, 2011
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