Thunder 2462 rebooting problem

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Mark Morreau, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Mark Morreau

    Mark Morreau Guest

    Greefings all,

    In brief, Cold Boot Good, Warm Boot Bad.

    Does this behaviour ring any bells with anyone?

    The PC has been working fine for three+ years, and about a year on
    present PSU, but has started behaving badly.
    Lately the PC boots up fine from cold, but when I do a warm reboot most
    of the time it doesn't reboot at all. The screen doesn't turn on, it
    doesn't check the memory... Sometimes it gets as far as the point where
    it should beep and go into the OS... but it just hangs there.
    If I leave it for a while ( 5 - 10 minutes) and press the reset button
    it will usually boot fine.
    If I try and power down the system after a warm reboot by pushing and
    holding the power button, it doesn't power the machine down but instead
    has the same effect as pressing the reset button.
    If I pull the plug and leave it for a minute or five, it will reboot
    from cold.

    It's really like the thing has to cool down before it restarts...
    What could it be that's too hot to reboot?
    And why has this issue kicked in now when it's been working fine for so

    I have checked (and cleaned!) the CPU heatsinks and fans. Reseated the
    cards, changed the PSU, reseated the RAM.. what else?

    Does this behaviour ring any bells with anyone?



    Tyan Thunder K7 2 x Athlon MP2600+ 2.5GB ECC RAM Quadro 900XGL DVStorm2
    Hercules Soundtheatre 4 x SCSI HDDs 2 X Pioneer DVD-R Adaptec 2904 SCSI
    card for DLT drive TAGAN 480W PSU.
    Mark Morreau, Oct 6, 2005
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  2. Mark Morreau

    Jari Mokka Guest

    Try resetting the BIOS
    I had same kind of a problem with my k7X thunder - atleast that helped me...

    Jari Mokka, Oct 7, 2005
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  3. Mark Morreau

    Scooby Guest

    Yes! I dread restarting now - any advice would be appreciated.
    Scooby, Oct 13, 2005
  4. Mark Morreau

    RS Guest

    I used to have that happen with my 2462. Then, as if by magic, one day
    it quit doing it. Every once in a blue moon I will also have one
    processor just disappear. Resetting the bios fixes that.
    RS, Oct 18, 2005
  5. Mark Morreau

    Paul Murphy Guest

    The Tagan 480 Watt PSU is suspect no 1 - change it and I'll bet the problem
    will go away. I have one in my S2460 equipped machine and I just shut down
    and then restart if the machine is hot because I know I'll get the "stalled"
    reboot otherwise. I'm on Tagan PSU no 2 now after the first one blew up - it
    was also behaving the same before it went bang, yet my Enhance brand PSU
    before that had no such stalling problem. Let us know what Tagan or
    distibutor (Nanopoint?) have to say about this, especially when you mention
    its being used with a Tyan SMP motherboard.

    Paul Murphy, Nov 7, 2005
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