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Thus something as a 'High-Definition' LCD module exists ?

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by StanV, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. StanV

    StanV Guest

    I've been thinking of designing a small portable LCD device that takes
    High-Definition video (720P / 1080P) as an input (preferable from a HD-
    SDI signal)

    I've been searching around but i realy don't find out if there is
    something like a HD LCD module by itself ? If people speak of HD, thus
    this apply to the physical LCD itself, or thus it just mean that more
    data is displayed on a regular (bigger) LCD ?

    I imagined that the LCD itself had smaller pixels, so giving us more
    resolution. But if a look at the major manufacturers (Hitachi ea) you
    only find the LCD modules with resolutions we've seen for years (ea
    320 x 240 on a 5.7 inch)

    Offcoarse i see that with the same pixel size, you can display more
    pixels if you're screen is bigger..

    Just don't see how you display 1080 horizontal pixels on lets say a
    5.7" LCD.

    Do i miss something ?

    StanV, Aug 15, 2007
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  2. StanV

    Didi Guest

    Just don't see how you display 1080 horizontal pixels on lets say a
    Not much, but there is a 6.5" 1024 x 768 TFT from NEC -
    NL10276BC13-01C .
    I saw Avnet list it (non-stock, though) at $350 for sample quantities.
    There is a nice 800x600 display by Gi Far from Taiwan, gifar.com.tw .
    It is an 8" display or so, but has a much smaller outline than similar
    (183x141 IIRC vs. 203+ for the rest, all sizes in mm); much cheaper
    than the XGA NEC and stocked.
    By far the most popular resolution for the 6" or so sized displays is
    800x480 - WVGA, as they seem to call them (Wide VGA). I can locate
    a number of them - at Gi Far included - but I also see a number of end
    products - tiny TV-sets, video players etc. - using such a display at
    local store around $100.

    Didi, Aug 15, 2007
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  3. StanV

    Paul Gotch Guest

    Sanyo-Epson do a 7.1" 1920x1080 panel, I'm not quite sure what the point is
    on something that small though.

    Paul Gotch, Aug 15, 2007
  4. StanV

    StanV Guest

    Maybe not much use in a consumer application, but could be usefull for
    broadcast profesionals/diagnostics etc..
    StanV, Aug 15, 2007
  5. Well, that all depends on where the thing is mounted, and how its light
    output finds its way to the eye. Projection systems, digicams and
    head-mounted displays have different different requirements than your
    average TV or computer screen.
    Hans-Bernhard Bröker, Aug 16, 2007
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