Tiger--the dreaded "volume header needs minor repair"

Discussion in 'Apple' started by tgannon2, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. tgannon2

    tgannon2 Guest

    Tiger 10.4.3; Powerbook "Al" G4--

    I first noticed a problem when "Software Update" hit some infinite
    loop/"freeze" in the progress bar. Subsequently, trying to repair
    permissions in both Macaroni and Disk Utility resulted in a similar
    "nada," requiring a force-quit. Worst of all, Disk Utility
    couldn't/still can't 'find" my main HD! . . .

    Restarting from my external/bootable LaCie drive, its Disk Uitlity app
    "found" my HD, reported the "volume header needs minor repair" prob.,
    and 'fixed" it. Restarting from the main HD, however, i found the same
    probs.; repeated the LaCie start-up: no errors found. Tried the Unix
    "fsck" deal: "no probs." detected. But still, my main HD Tiger sys
    obviously can't find "itself," as it were, as a "volume" per se.

    Question 1: I don't have the Tiger sys DVD anymore, and wonder if it's
    even worth my while to consider buying it again, in the hopes that its
    startup Disk Utility might do any better?!

    Question 2: any other obvious repair options (short of reformatting) I
    haven't thought of?

    Question 3: assuming a no-good re Questions 1 & 2, the good news is
    that I have everything backed up on the LaCie external drive. However,
    my backup program is Silverkeeper, and its documentation is rather
    sparse. If I did reformat the main drive, is reversing the backup an
    easy procedure? . . .

    tgannon2, Dec 18, 2005
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  2. You might want to take a look at"


    There us also an article at the Apple support site listing many of the
    false error messagges the incompatible Disk Utility versions can give.

    <snip last part of post>

    Cathy Stevenson, Dec 19, 2005
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  3. tgannon2

    tgannon2 Guest


    Bought DiskWarrior--problem fixed! . . .

    tgannon2, Dec 25, 2005
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