Time Capsule or Airport Extreme + HDD

Discussion in 'Apple' started by barcaroller, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. barcaroller

    barcaroller Guest

    Does anyone know if the Time Capsule problems (power supplies, capacitors,
    overheating, etc) have been addressed? If not, would it be advisable to
    just purchase an Airport Extreme with an external hard-disk? In the latter
    case, are there any recommendations for a reliable external hard-disk? I
    believe I read somewhere in this newsgroups that one should stay away from
    USB hard-disks.
    barcaroller, Nov 14, 2009
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  2. barcaroller

    David Empson Guest

    I doubt anyone knows apart from Apple and they aren't saying anything on
    the matter (yet).

    From evidence so far, there appears to be a moderate proportion of Time
    Capsules which are suffering failed power supplies around the 18 month
    old mark. It may only be a relatively small proportion of the total
    number of Time Capsules, but analysis has shown a significant blip at
    that point in the age curve.

    As the Time Capsule has only existed since the start of 2008, there
    isn't enough data to see whether it was only an issue with the earliest
    ones, or it might still be an issue with more recently manufactured
    ones, or with later models. Only time will tell, unless Apple makes any
    public statements.
    You don't have much choice re USB - you have to use one with an Airport
    Extreme. It is mainly a question of what is a good choice for enclosure
    and/or mechanism.
    David Empson, Nov 15, 2009
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  3. barcaroller

    DanS Guest

    Another consideration: if you plan to use Time Machine to backup to
    this setup, the latest Airport Extreme firmware (7.4.2) doesn't seem to
    support this. I had to revert back to 7.4.1 to regain this
    functionality. Odd, since Apple first advertised the Airport Extreme
    with external disk as a Time Machine solution.
    DanS, Nov 15, 2009
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