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TNT 2 vs FX5200, TNT wins

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Kieran Harvey, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I have a FX5200 with 128mb DDR ram (ASUS V9520) 512MB DDR system ram ans an
    AMD 2600+

    My mate has a AMD 1.2, 768MB SDRAM System mem and an old TNT 2.

    All of my frame rates bar 1 on a X2 benchmark test were about 25% WORSE!

    I have tried making my desktop the same res as the benchmark, I have removed
    all of the processes from taskmanager bar the systems and explorer, I have
    increased my Virtual memory to 1GB! and changed my card settings to best
    performance and defraged my drives.

    My current driver version is 43.45 and my bios riv is

    Can anyone tell me what is happening? as i outspec his pc everywhere but
    quatity of system ram.

    my benchmark at 1024 x 768 is below


    X2 - The Threat

    Executeable compiled Tue Aug 19 15:38:13 2003

    Video Settings during test:
    Screen Resolution: 1024*768*32
    Bumpmapping: On
    Realtime Shadows: On

    System specific video settings:
    Adapter name: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 [NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200]
    Vertex Shader: Hardware, version 1
    Hardware T&L: Yes
    Fog capabilities: W-fog Z-fog RangeFog Table(Pixel)Fog VertexFog

    System specific audio settings:
    SecondarySampleRate (Min/Max): 100/48000
    PrimaryBuffers: 1
    MaxHwMixingBuffers (Static/Stream/All): 33/33/33
    FreeHwMixingBuffers (Static/Stream/All): 0/0/0
    MaxHw3DBuffers (Static/Stream/All): 33/33/33
    FreeHw3DBuffers (Static/Stream/All): 0/0/0
    HwMemBytes (Free/Total/MaxContigFree): 0/0/0
    UnlockTransferRateHwBuffers: 0
    PlayCpuOverheadSwBuffers: 0

    Scene 00 26.500 fps
    Scene 01 16.695 fps
    Scene 02 18.206 fps
    Scene 03 11.634 fps
    Scene 04 7.892 fps
    Scene 05 4.797 fps
    Scene 06 2.452 fps
    Scene 07 6.320 fps
    Scene 08 15.329 fps
    Scene 09 12.168 fps
    Scene 10 26.614 fps
    Scene 11 8.437 fps
    Scene 12 6.673 fps
    Scene 13 8.143 fps
    Scene 14 7.491 fps
    Scene 15 12.862 fps
    Scene 16 6.357 fps
    Scene 17 11.998 fps
    Scene 18 12.000 fps
    Scene 19 4.764 fps
    Scene 20 6.412 fps
    Scene 21 10.059 fps
    Scene 22 7.123 fps
    Scene 23 10.975 fps
    Scene 24 14.060 fps

    Overall average framerate: 11.038 fps
    Kieran Harvey, Sep 11, 2003
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