To wait or not to wait....?

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by HistoryFan, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. HistoryFan

    HistoryFan Guest

    I'd like to get a notebook computer, perhaps a Gateway 400SP Plus or
    400S. I was originally going to wait until November, but sometimes I'm
    tempted to get one much sooner than that. I keep flip-flopping. Question:
    are there any upcoming technological advancements with computers that would
    warrant waiting a few months?
    HistoryFan, Aug 2, 2003
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  2. HistoryFan

    Ben Myers Guest

    No major technical advances expected in the next few months, maybe small
    increases in CPU power. Only continued vicious price competition, followed by
    one or more companies going belly up or being bought out... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Aug 2, 2003
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  3. HistoryFan

    HistoryFan Guest

    Thanks for the response. Just took a quick peek at my bank
    statement. I think I will wait a few months : )
    HistoryFan, Aug 2, 2003
  4. HistoryFan

    HistoryFan Guest

    I just checked Gateway's website, and they are no longer selling the
    two notebooks I just mentioned! Gateway salesperson told me the demand was
    so great they stopped making them.
    HistoryFan, Aug 2, 2003
  5. HistoryFan

    HistoryFan Guest

    A continuation of my last post. This is really frustrating for me,
    because the 400SP Plus and the 400S had the exact specifications I wanted.
    The other Gateway notebooks don't. For example, the others don't have the
    option for an integrated 802.11g wireless networking card. Just the slower
    HistoryFan, Aug 2, 2003
  6. Sure they do. 450 & 600 series both have this available. Guess you
    now know the meaning of "for a limited time."
    Johannes Krackencow, Aug 2, 2003
  7. The 400SP, as currently customizable at the Gateway Website, offers you the
    option of integrated 802.11g wireless ($69), or Linksys 802.11g wireless PC
    card ($70). (These are under the "Wirless Options" section of the
    customization page.) I haven't looked at the other 400 series models.
    Gordon McLean, Jr., Aug 2, 2003
  8. HistoryFan

    HistoryFan Guest

    Sure they do. 450 & 600 series both have this available. Guess >you now
    know the meaning of "for a limited time."

    The problem I have with the 450 series is that they don't have the
    Pentium 4 processor. Rather, they use the Pentium "M." And the 600 series
    is too expensive for me.
    HistoryFan, Aug 2, 2003
  9. Why would you want the P4? Everyone who has any knowledge of
    processor design was eagerly awaiting the release of the M.


    "Wow, what a CPU ! it is the best surprise Intel made us for a long
    time : a very high performance CPU, with efficient power saving
    features, in a word an impressive improvement for the mobile
    platforms. We're just sorry that this CPU is exclusively reserved for
    Mobile platforms !"

    "When looking at the present, the 1.6GHz Pentium-M is comparable to a
    Pentium 4-M 2.2/2.4GHz, with the 1.5GHz Pentium-M falling somewhere in
    the 2.0 - 2.2GHz range. For business/office applications, the
    Pentium-M is unbeatable, clearly outperforming the fastest mobile
    Pentium 4 at 2.40GHz. When dealing with games and media encoding
    applications, the Pentium 4 will be faster, but by no means will it be
    able to offer the battery life of a Pentium-M based system.

    For the foreseeable future, the Pentium 4-M and Pentium-M will
    coexist, but the Pentium 4-M will be mostly restricted to the highest
    end desktop replacement notebooks, where battery life isn't as big of
    a concern. For all other segments, the Pentium-M and the Centrino
    platform will do their job better than the Pentium 4 ever could."

    *** So unless you're equipping the P4M with a 64mb graphics card and
    playing a bunch of games on the machine, you're kind of wasting the
    P4's power.

    On the low priced machines I would personally stick with the Mobile
    Celeron, as it's basically a P4 internally with a larger L2 cache than
    the desktop Celeron (256kb vs 128kb). Kind of a hybrid P4.
    Johannes Krackencow, Aug 2, 2003
  10. HistoryFan

    Mr. Happy Guest

    I ordered one a week ago ships out 8/4
    This was a heck of a deal for $799.99. I went to the local Gateway store and
    to get one that was available to carry out was $1099.99
    I have read some of your post take my advise don't waste your time waiting
    unless you have money to burn. With school going back a of people have some
    pretty good deals.
    Mr. Happy, Aug 3, 2003
  11. HistoryFan

    EdH Guest

    Well.. by waiting, you already missed out on the 400SP-Plus.
    When I saw that sucker at $799, I jumped in with both feet, and
    upgraded the processor, the memory, hard drive, and got one
    hell of a great deal on a terrific system.

    Sometimes, acting fast is the right thing to do. And sometimes,
    waiting pays off. To know which to do, get a better feel for the
    marketplace by periodically comparing systems on Gateway's,
    Dell's, IBM's, etc Web sites. Be savvy when buying!
    EdH, Aug 3, 2003
  12. HistoryFan

    EdH Guest

    The problem was that by upgrading it, you could get a
    system fully equivalent to MUCH more expensive systems
    and at a much lower cost. The upgrade paths they initially
    provided were almost surely a major marketing error.
    EdH, Aug 3, 2003
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