Tomcat K8E 2865 - power consumption

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Tony Neumann, May 26, 2005.

  1. Tony Neumann

    Tony Neumann Guest


    does anyone out there have a clue how much power the new
    Tyan Tomcat K8E 2865 would consume with let's say two disks,
    DVD and something like an Athlon64 3000+ with a Venice or
    Winchester core and some (1 Gig) RAM?

    I am going to eventually replace an VIA Epia V10000 and
    cannot decide wether to go for a low-power socket 754-
    platform with Sempron, wait for the recently announced
    VIA Epia DP with two Eden processors in SMP-mode or even
    buy a (much faster than the Epia or the Sempron) Venice-core
    Athlon64 where the Tomcat might come in handy because of
    it's integrated graphics. An onboard-graphics that works
    well with linux and does not even have to access system
    memory like those ATI UMA-graphics do. That is something
    pretty rare these days on socket 939...

    So this will be all about power consumption since the
    Epia currently in use can be "satisfied" with only 45 W
    up to 55 W (idle/load). I do not want this because of
    noise, but because of heating up my room.

    If the Tomcat could come close to at least 60 W idle for
    the whole system (the Sempron easily does... I was told)
    this would be my new favorite due to it's speed and all that
    nice onboard-thingies.

    Well... does someone know?

    Tony Neumann, May 26, 2005
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  2. athlon64 3200+ venice
    4 Gigs ddr400
    2 seagate 7200.8 (200gig)
    1 NEC DVD
    Antec Sonata, True Power 380watt PS. (~60% efficient)

    88 watts idle

    This is running redhat fedora core 4 with default power management,
    eg. automatically throttled to 1Ghz w. reduced voltage when idle. The
    power was measured at the wall plug with a power-factor knowledgeable
    meter ("Kill-a-watt").

    With a more efficient power supply and some PC2700 ddr333 (instead of
    the power hungry PC3200 ddr400) it should drop by another handful of
    watts. I wanted to use a Seasonic-S12 430watt (80-85% efficient)
    unit, but the Tyan k8e refuses to boot with it. I think the problem
    may be the split-rail +12v on the Seasonic units. Each rail on the PS
    only puts out 14Amps (compared to the Antec which claims 18Amps
    w. surges to 24A) on the one +12v rail.

    It would be great if Tyan engineers could look into the issue. I
    tested the Seasonic with an old Athlon board and it booted just fine.
    It isn't a case of the PS being broken.

    Wolfgang S. Rupprecht, Jun 18, 2005
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