Tomcat K8S sees one CPU as 96(?) on a single-cpu MB ??

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Seth Brundle, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Seth Brundle

    Seth Brundle Guest

    Here is a copy of my email to tech support if anyone else is having
    this problem:

    I have a Tomcat K8S S2850
    Installed is an IDE DVD-ROM, SATA Hard Drive, and 4 512MB sticks of
    ECC/Registered DDR 400, and an Opteron 150 CPU.

    Heres what happens when I boot:

    1. The post screen comes up normally, CPU is identified, RAM OK, CDROM
    (it is interesting to note that the 'Count' value is 96 (is this how
    many processors it thinks I have??)
    2. Sata RAID notice (which displays my SATA drive)
    3. Broadcom notice.
    4. System seemingly reboots, as post screen comes up again, but this
    time there is a message at the bottom:

    ***********WARNING INCOMPATIBLE PROCESSOR***********
    All processors in a multiprocessor environment must be of the same
    Model and Frequency.
    At least one of the processors in your system does not match the
    Press F1 to resume.

    I press F1 and the system boots, but Linux will crash when starting
    when it tries to do an IRQ probe.

    Now, I can clear CMOS and get the system (and kernel!) to boot
    normally *ONE TIME*, but the next time the system is rebooted it will
    happen again.

    I am also completely unclear about BIOS versioning.
    The BIOS on the post screen is listed as 8.00.08.
    The BIOS setup menu reads v02.33 at the bottom of the screen.
    The BIOS update versions for this motherboard listed on the website
    are v. 1.00 through v. 1.07

    I dont understand how the version numbers for the BIOS updates on the
    website relate to the BIOS version number, so I can tell which I have
    and whether I need to upgrade it.
    Seth Brundle, Jul 30, 2004
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  2. Seth Brundle

    Seth Brundle Guest

    For thsoe interested (I saw another with this problem), this was fixed
    only through a beta bios upgrade from Tyan support.
    Seth Brundle, Jul 31, 2004
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