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Discussion in 'AOpen' started by Eric Legge, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge Guest

    Ultra320 Hard Drives from Fujitsu, Maxtor and Seagate

    "Only a few years ago, picking out the best hard drive interface was still a
    simple affair: ATA was for home or office computers, SCSI for all professional
    applications. Now, choosing a hard drive for business applications is no longer
    as easy. ATA hard drives will soon be as fast as, (on average) twice as large
    as, and much cheaper than, SCSI drives. The temptation is enormous - is it even
    worth fighting it any longer?"

    VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003 -

    "This article aims to guide our readers through the maze of cryptic product
    names and marketing jargon to find the card that suits your expectations and
    needs as well as your budget. The most interesting question obviously pertains
    to the kind of performance boost a certain card will give your system."

    PC Buyer Beware!
    Eric Legge, Jul 17, 2003
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