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Toshiba A135 Questions

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Barry Watzman, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. It looks like the Toshiba A135 has replaced the long-lived (almost 2
    years - almost unheard of for a laptop model) A105. Anyone know what
    the differences are? They look VERY similar, although the A135 is
    missing the media buttons that the A105 had to the left of the keyboard.
    Barry Watzman, Feb 4, 2007
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  2. Barry Watzman

    Quaoar Guest

    A quick Google reveals that the A135 comes with either of Core Duo or
    Core 2 Duo. Neither would have been available two years ago. This
    notebook is VERY inexpensive, and I would hope that it is not CHEAP.

    Other specs are for your investigation.

    Quaoar, Feb 6, 2007
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  3. The A105 is sold with both Core Duo and Core 2 Duo.

    There are almost 200 "configuration models" of the A105 laptop, ranging
    from netburst Pentium M and Celeron all the way through and including
    Core 2 Duo, with at least 6 disk drive sizes, 4 memory sizes, multiple
    optical drives ("combo" drives and DVD burners), too many processors to
    count, at least 3 video options (and perhaps twice that many), and a
    host of other features present on some and missing on others (internal
    flash card readers, WiFi, Firewire, etc.).

    The A105 was generally "ok", but given the number of configuration
    options, that has to be qualified somewhat (apparently, 3 different
    firms made them, and they don't even all use the same power supply voltage).
    Barry Watzman, Feb 6, 2007
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