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Toshiba Qosmio

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Honkeytonk Man, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Hi Group,
    Has anyone got a Tosh Qosmio laptop yet, and what do you think of it ?
    I see it's got scart out on it. Does that mean any DIVX movies I zip up to
    take on the road with me can be played out of it and into a standard scart
    socket on a TV without problem ?

    How does the battery life live up to it's predictions ?

    Cheers guys,
    Paul :)
    Honkeytonk Man, Oct 8, 2004
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  2. Honkeytonk Man

    EketWoody Guest

    I've had my Qosmio for about 3 weeks now. And right now I would not
    recommend this machine. I'm not sure if it's quality control or what
    .... here's what has happened to me.

    1. Bought it at Best Buy. Took it home and found a little ring of red
    dots on the screen. Bad pixels. Took it immediately back to the store
    and they replaced it with another machine.

    2. Travelled overseas (I work in the remote jungles of Nigeria). Got
    here and the keyboard doesn't work. Called Toshiba they opened a case
    and said Customer Relations would call me in 4 business hours.

    3. Two weeks later... after I bought an external USB keyboard to be
    able to use the machine. Another problem. Can't write DVDs anymore.
    The software gets about 90% done writing and reports an error ... and
    voile' I have a DVD coaster. After making 3 more drink coasters using
    different brands of blanks, I called Toshiba again. After about 30
    minutes of troubleshooting I have another case number.

    4. A week later now and still no phone calls from Customer Relations.
    And I have this brand new shiny laptop that I have to carry around an
    external keyboard with and I can't make DVD's on.

    The nearest service center to me is in Capetown or Jo'berg South
    Africa. And I'm stuck here for another 2-3 weeks.

    The DVD writer in this one is a MATSHITA (Panasonic). My old Toshiba
    Satellite P15-S420 had a Pioneer and I didn't have any problems with

    I guess I was blinded by the dazzling new TrueBrite screen and the
    great sound on the new machine. But looks aren't everything :)

    IMHO Battery life is short for a Centrino machine. Expected life is 1.5
    hours. Must be the bright screen?

    Chuck :-(
    EketWoody, Dec 16, 2004
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  3. Honkeytonk Man

    projectle Guest

    I had a Qosmio, the G-15 model, and it was terrible.

    In turn, I picked up a P25-S676 and it is INFINITELY BETTER than the

    The battery life that I get on this is double what is in the Qosmio (I
    get around 3 hours of real time using the computer for real jobs).
    The screen is the exact same, the graphics card is the exact same, it
    comes with the Media Center OS (The exact same), and it actually has
    some processing power, which is not the case for the Qosmio.

    The S676 is a 3.4GHz 800MHz P4 Proc.
    I have 2GB DDR333 Memory in here (an aftermarket upgrade for $350).

    If you ask me, Toshiba went in and took their P25 series and decided
    to make one that had half the performance for double the price. They
    have succeded admirably. Do not buy a Qosmio, get a P25.
    projectle, Dec 16, 2004
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