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Toshiba Sat Pro 4600 Memory Upgrade

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Steve Mackie, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Steve Mackie

    Steve Mackie Guest

    My Toshiba 4600 takes up to two 256MB PC-100 SODIMMs, 512MB total max,
    apparently. I put two 256MB Infineon PC-100 SODIMMs in and they didn't work!
    So I put one 256MB Kingston PC-133 stick and one OEM 128MB Toshiba PC100
    stick in and it works fine. WTF?!

    I'm going to say that the Tosh 4600 doesn't like that particular brand,
    can't remember the model but I know it was Infineon PC100, CL2.

    Steve Mackie, Mar 13, 2006
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  2. It's not about the "brand", it's about the internal architecture. For
    example, I bought 5 sticks of 128 MB PC-100 on E-Bay last week, Micron,
    4 are one kind, and the 5th is a slightly different variant. It has a
    different suffix, one letter different, but the boards are identical and
    the chips are identical. The difference must be in the programming of
    the SPD chip on the board (a chip that "describes" the module to the
    computer). And, in another transaction, I bought 3 more chips, also
    Micron 128MB SDRAM, but these 8 chips on them (the other 5 modules have
    only 4 chips on each module).

    None of the 5 4-chip modules work in any of the several different types
    of older Toshiba satellite laptops I bought them for, but the 8-chip
    modules work fine. The one "different" 4-chip modules does work in a
    later (but still old) 2805, while the other 4 4-chip modules dont.
    Because there are more "make or break" paramters to a memory module than
    you have any idea of (there are dozens).

    The computer "cares" about things you not only don't know, but that you
    didn't even know existed (like is a 16M chip within the module organized
    as 4Mx4 or 2Mx8 ... both 16k chips, within a 64MB or 128MB module).
    Details you know know about and can't easily determine, but they make
    the difference between working and not working.

    There are only two solutions to this:

    1. Trial and error

    2. Buy from a seller who can assure you that the chip that they are
    selling you will work in your particular make/model of laptop.
    Barry Watzman, Mar 13, 2006
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