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TOSHIBA Satellite 1800: blink codes ??????

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by real_, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. real_

    real_ Guest

    P3 1100, 246Mram, etc.. is dying

    Would anyone have the blink codes to help diagnose it? Or a link?
    It just sits there and wont start.. BLINKING, BLINKING. . . ..

    It's only 4 years old, not ready for the boneyard yet..

    Poor thing started shutting down randomly, being hard to restart..
    After one last good run for 24hours, occasionally rebooting itself,
    but always comming back- It went totally inert!

    ESC, F1, F2, ~, &or F12 with power button does nadda..

    took it apart, undid the bios battery.. nadda..
    checked fan/heat sink assembly, a BIT of dust, fan good, plenty of
    thermal paste, back together.. nadda...

    Power supply/regulator etc part of the motherboard...

    Powering it with the adaptor, it still charges the battery, after
    awhile, battery light goes from amber to green..

    But if you hit the power button.. NADDA.. a few cryptic blinks of the
    power light, which cant be ever stopped by holding the power button
    down for 10/15 secs..

    Only total unplug/battery remove will stop it..

    SHOULD have flashed the bios when I had the chance.. found out a lot
    about the buggy 1800 bios and power mngmt/hibernate

    Too late now..

    ALso heard about frying 3.3v pcmcia cards..

    Also heard about lotsa folks getting replacement mboards from toshiba
    one after another, after another..

    But no indication anyone EVER found what was behind this pattern..

    No blink error codes found in searches..

    So sad..

    mail of
    real_, Jun 11, 2005
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  2. real_

    80n80n Guest

    80n80n, Jun 12, 2005
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