Totally off topic [Was: Bogus "MS Security Patch" [Was: Blaster Worm and August 16]]

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Phred, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. Phred

    Phred Guest

    Yes, it's an interesting custom you have over there. But the rest of
    us sometimes wonder why so many fathers condemn their sons to go
    through life called "Junior". Not so bad once it gets to the IIIrd I
    admit, as that sounds almost regal. (Though mad George III seems to
    be the most notable or notorious -- depending on ones view of the
    outcomes of the era -- of that designation.)
    Fair enough. [Given that, you might be interested to know that the
    local Nam vets are causing their annual ructions around here by
    setting up camp again in one of the more remote national parks on Cape
    York Peninsula about 400 km north of Cairns. The camp is to mark
    remembrance of the Battle of Long Tan, and the spokesman for the group
    is Major Les Hiddins (TV's popular "Bush Food" man) who wrote the army
    manual on survival in the Australian bush in about 1980 and has a huge
    public profile. All very embarrassing to the Queensland state
    government who claim the vets have no right to be there; but quite
    hilarious for the onlookers to see the QG caught in such a PR bind!]
    I'm delighted you may want to save Dave after all; but I doubt if you
    can really see me. [Ah, the meanings of words...]

    Cheers, Phred.
    Phred, Aug 19, 2003
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  2. Don't blame us. For better or for worse, we got it the same place
    y'all got a lot of yours. It was the evil, evil English.
    Actually, it wasn't the Johnson or the III part that proved
    troublesome. It was the Ogden which made my survival through grade
    school questionable on all too many occasions.
    However much we may differ among ourselves on all the questions
    concerning VN, all VN vets have one thing in common. We take extreme
    delight in tweaking the REMFs, bureaucrats, and politicians, and their
    descendants, who were responsible for or added to our travails in VN.
    They deserve every discomfort we can inflict, at any time we can
    inflict it. Glad to see the Aussie contingent are holding up their
    end. ;->

    OJ III
    [Whose father knew what the Ogden would do to me, so gave me a
    nickname at birth. It helped. Sometimes. Fifty-two years later I
    still wear the scars of one notable third-grade battle.]
    Ogden Johnson III, Aug 19, 2003
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  3. Phred

    jg Guest

    Nah, there have been a few Louis', Ceasars etc much more notorious than
    Goerge III who I think has established was not really mad, at least not as a
    result of in-breeding which is sometimes the impression of numbered people.
    jg, Aug 20, 2003
  4. Phred

    Phred Guest

    Yes. My middle name had similar consequences. :)

    Oh, and I had a typical "brain fart" last night when I referred to Les
    Hiddins as "TV's popular 'Bush Food' man". It finally occurred to me
    about lunch time today that the correct reference is "Bush Tucker"
    man. (But then, I don't have TV, so I excuse myself for the error. :)

    Cheers, Phred.
    Phred, Aug 20, 2003
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