TPM Module for GA-M59SLI-S5

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by dmeglio, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. dmeglio

    dmeglio Guest

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a TPM module for a GA-M59SLI-S5?

    dmeglio, Dec 5, 2006
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  2. dmeglio

    Paul Guest

    It's funny. A standard exists. More than one motherboard company is shipping
    motherboards with a 2x10 header with an LPC bus on it, for connecting the
    module. Multiple companies are making a $5 *chip* to implement the TPM
    function, suitable for building the module. The US military has mandated
    that the 20 million computers they purchase, be equipped with it.

    But I cannot find a module for sale at retail. Maybe the tech is too new
    to be seen at retail. Obviously system builders would need access
    to modules, to meet contractual obligations (build a server for the
    government). So they must exist somewhere.

    Maybe if the motherboards came bundled with a removable module, it would speed
    distribution of them. Retailers are only going to carry something like
    that, if they think they can sell it. And the margins on a $5 parts cost
    module, likely won't be large.

    If you go to this page, and click the "click here" link on the right, they
    have a list of TPM enabled hardware. I guess there are some motherboards,
    where the BIOS has an interface to turn on and off, a TPM module fitted
    to the motherboard/computer itself. Select a product with a module at
    the 1.2 spec level, as it looks to be the latest in the list. (But I
    think I like the removable module concept a lot better, from a
    marketing perspective. Never any question as to what the software is
    doing, if the module is physically removable.)

    Paul, Dec 6, 2006
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  3. dmeglio

    dmeglio Guest

    That's exactly the problem I'm having. I'm in the process of trying to
    contact Gigabyte (which seems futile thus far). I talked to someone at
    Infineon (a company that makes TPM chips) and they indicated that such
    modules do exist because they warned me not to buy one from a different
    manufacturer since they were aware of compatibility issues. That
    statement made it seem as though that must mean modules exist. If I
    discover anymore information I'll let everyone know.
    dmeglio, Dec 6, 2006
  4. dmeglio

    dmeglio Guest

    According to Gigabyte, no TPM is currently available. However, they
    claim to be working with 3rd party vendors to make one available in the
    future... We'll see how long that takes I suppose.
    dmeglio, Dec 12, 2006
  5. dmeglio

    OSbandito Guest

    dmeglio--are you sure you need this TPM function? In my notes, I have
    the following: avoid products with DRM(copy protection) or TPM function
    and carefully set and monitor any VMM function. TPM or "Trusted
    Computing," can among other things use "dynamic attestation" malware
    detection to defend against Blue Pill system intrusion. BUT what I've
    been reading is that the TPM chip itself can be used as an intrusive
    device by MS/Vista or whomever. Please reconsider before installing this
    feature if using any MS OS. ~Best luck
    OSbandito, Dec 19, 2006
  6. dmeglio

    dmeglio Guest

    DRM doesn't scare me. If people want to protect their intellectual
    property, that's perfectly OK with me. I *WANT* these features you fear
    so much.
    dmeglio, Dec 19, 2006
  7. dmeglio

    OSbandito Guest

    OSbandito attempted to inform with:

    dmeglio--are you sure you need this TPM function? In my notes, I have


    Boy, did you misread me. I have no fear of any technology. I do,
    however, insist that the technology meet my standards without
    compromise. If you wish to run a weak defenseless system, it is your
    right, but it makes you look foolish.
    You still didn't mention why it is you are adding the TPM function you
    "WANT" so badly. It make zero sense.

    By the way, when a poster offers an answer meant to help you, don't give
    a smartass reply. That also makes you seem inexperienced.
    OSbandito, Dec 20, 2006
  8. dmeglio

    dmeglio Guest

    First, I don't see the system as "weak" nor "defenseless." I've read
    the same articles. The things you see as "intrusive" I don't consider
    to be. I really don't care what Vista is peering at. I'm not doing
    anything illegal so I really don't care.
    I'm building an HTPC. I want ot to be able to support OCUR (currently
    this can't be supported for other legal reasons), but rumor has it that
    if/when CableLabs opens up OCUR to non "accredited" systems, they're
    going to require TPM. Hence, I want to prepare ahead. I've done
    extensive research on TPM, NGSCB (aka Palladium), etc. and none of it
    strikes me as a security risk. I've been researching it for about 2-3
    years, I did my undergraduate thesis on the topic. It all seems fine to
    It didn't help me. I'm not interested in opinions of TPM. It would be
    like saying "can someone recommend a DRM scheme for me to use in my
    program?" and you're response was "don't use DRM." You didn't answer my
    question. I asked WHERE can I purchase a TPM. You're answer was "you
    don't want one." That does not answer the question asked. I was not
    trying to be a smartass, I've just posted this question on a few groups
    and there's always someone who wants to respond with how bad TPM is.
    What your opinion of TPM is is irrelevant for my question.
    dmeglio, Jan 2, 2007
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