Transfering old HD to new K8V MB - Update.

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bob Petruska, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Bob Petruska

    Bob Petruska Guest

    This is just an update to my attempt to install a old very loaded impossible
    to reproduce 120 G HD(PATA) (with traces of DOS 3.21 and all Windows update
    versions including WinXP Pro on it) into a new K8V SE Deluxe MB with AMD 64,
    +3000 cpu without attemptimg a complete fresh WinXP reinstall.

    It ook 40 hours of trial and error, but this is what worked painlessly....

    1. First, clone a spare HD off the old HD and use for the trial & error

    2. Make sure you boot the old HD on the old MB attached to the standard IDE
    MB port(mine was originally attached to the Asus A7V Promise ATA100 port).
    This loads the standard MS IDE driver linked to the HD in Windows. Go to
    device manager and remove everything possible. You will get many uninstalls
    that require shutdown to remove, just say ok as they will all be removed at
    shutdown. Don't shut down on each one, just let them ride until the final
    shutdown. Some itess may reinstall after they are removed while you are
    doing this. Let them stay.

    3. Shutdown, "DON'T REBOOT".

    4. Move this clone HD to new K8V MB IDE port, make sure you have a CDROM
    drive also attached.

    5. Boot.

    6. All drivers and hardware should be found. I then installed the VIA 4in1
    drivers on the ASUS K8V MB disc.

    7. Rebooted.

    8. All applications, settings, drivers , update Hot-Fixes, etc, remained
    intact! It was flawless, as though I just popped in a new CPU and more RAM
    into the old MB. I just needed to reactivate WinXP and Office XP which was

    Just one note......even though everything worked flawlessly on final boot I
    was plagued by a new hardware/driver install error - HDC error, driver found
    not for this platform - kept popping up. I pulled the CDROM cables,
    rebooted, the error disappeared, reinstalled cables, rebooted, error
    gone....system just fine!

    Remember that I did not run the Windows XP "repair" routine that most
    (including me) believed would be needed. I just can't stress enough how
    everything remained intact!

    I hope others trying this old HD transfer to new MB are so lucky!
    Bob Petruska, Jul 5, 2004
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