Transferring Information via FW slow for new Mac, and acrid smell

Discussion in 'Apple' started by hellman, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. hellman

    hellman Guest

    I just got a new 2 GHz G5 20" iMac and went through transferring user
    data, etc. from my old one to the new one in response to the new Mac
    asking (on initial startup) if I had an old Mac to transfer info from.
    The first time I tried this, it gave me an estimate of about 4 hours
    for about 35 GB of information, but that figure kept increasing to over
    10 hours, before starting to come down to about 7:30. I called
    AppleCare and one thing they said might be at fault is faulty
    permissions or disk structure and that it would be a good idea to run
    Disk Utility first and repair permissions and disk. I did the former,
    and there were one or two faulty permissions. I couldn't run the latter
    since it was grayed out -- due to the disk being SMART capable I think,
    and SMART listed the disk as verified.

    The new Mac also was emanating an acrid (also listed on these
    newsgroups by others as "acrid smell" or "burning smell") that became
    really annoying. After reading about that being a predicter of power
    supply failure, I took the new Mac back and got a new new one. I'm in
    the process of transferring the same user information and now it's
    taking about two hours, close to what I'd expect, so the repairing of
    permissions probably helped. Wish Apple had that as a suggestion in
    their instructions -- hence this post.

    Also on the smell, the new new Mac also has a slight acrid smell, but
    nowhere near as bad as the previous one which made me feel like I
    wanted to leave the room. What has been other people's experience in
    this regard. Is a slight smell normal due to the heat generated by the
    G5? Does it go away after a while, get worse, or what? Or do I have a
    second bad machine (hopefully not).

    hellman, Jul 13, 2005
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  2. hellman

    hellman Guest

    To add to the above post, it took longer than two hours but I'm not
    sure how long because:

    a) I had to leave to get someone at the airport about 2.5 hours into
    the process, and

    b) when I got back two hours later, the transfer was stuck on
    "transferring files to support applications" which I later found
    out meant the Application Support folders in both user Libraries and in
    root's Library.

    At AppleCare's suggestion, I let the "transferring files to support
    applications" with "approximately 10 minutes remaining" stay on
    screen for two hours, at which point they agreed I should shut down. I
    also found out from them the reason the "repair disk" option was
    grayed out - I needed to boot from the Install DVD to do that, which
    I did. But "repair disk" found nothing needing repair! I also
    re-ran "repair permissions" and it corrected the same permissions
    that were bad this morning (on widgets - though there may have been
    others this morning that I've forgotten), but I doubt that's the

    AppleCare suggested that, given the problems I'm having with
    automatic transfer, I use manual transfer by dragging and dropping the
    user and Application Folders onto the new Mac, with the old one in
    Target Mode. But what about the Application Support folders, and are
    there any others that need transferring?

    The hopefully good news is that enough (all?) of my user folder was
    moved in the automatic transfer that I am now working as that user, but
    worry a bit that I may run into trouble. Any thoughts on that?

    Does anyone know the order in which the automatic transfer proceeds so
    I can check for other folders, other than Application Support which
    might need fixing? (My user App Support folder appears to be OK, and is
    the same size 20.2 MB on both machines, but the root App Support folder
    is 2.63 GB on the old Mac and only 2.01 GB on the new one, with some
    folders clearly missing.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    hellman, Jul 14, 2005
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