Transferring RAID config to One Channel to another

Discussion in 'HP' started by Pandi K, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Pandi K

    Pandi K Guest

    Hi, I am using HP ML 370 Prolaint Server with Smart array 642
    Controller which has one internal SCSI Channel and one external SCSI
    Channel. What I did was I configured the RAID in external SCSI channel
    and I installed the Windows Server 2003. Now lots of huge applications
    is running in that server.

    Now I want to connect a DLT Drive. But I cannot connnect this to
    external SCSI channel(Because I have configured raid on that

    So I need a way to backup the raid configuration in external channel
    and restore it to internal channel. so that I can connect my DLT Drive
    into external channel.

    Once again I memorize my hardware :

    HP Proliant ML 370 G4 Server with Smart Array Controller 642.

    My Array Configuration utility version

    Very Big database is running.

    Thanks in advance
    Pandi K, Mar 23, 2007
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