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Transformers: War for Cybertron 9 out of 10 stars lol ;) :)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    Ok today I finished Transformer: War for Cybertron.

    The end battle against tryticon first in space was cool... but later on when
    he fell down was kinda boring and a bit too difficult... I had to finish it
    on easy to get by it.

    Overall this game is very good... I give it a 9 out 10 stars.

    The graphics are pretty fricking awesome !

    The level design is pretty fricking amazing/awesome/out of this world !
    Lot's of CAD/CAM work went into it ! ;) :)

    The voices are pretty cool ! This game ranks very high on the "cool voices"
    scale... Probably number 2 or so. Left 4 Dead remains number 1 in my back
    for best voices of all time ;) :) But transformers is pretty close as
    well... maybe number 2 ;) Sometimes the background music/effects go on low
    volume so the voices can be heard clearly... sometimes this is nice...
    sometimes it's a bit whacky and takes away from the experience... can you
    imagine play l4d like that ? less good it would be ;)

    The music might be a bit too high volume sometimes... it takes away from the
    action... most of the time I was just glad the music stopped... but
    sometimes it also had it's moments.

    The character designs are pretty cool... sadly the voice of optimus prime
    sounds a bit old by now... but it's kinda nice to know that old guy still in
    there ! ;) :)

    My favorite movie/sound/voice was the "cybertron coming alive and giving the
    matrix of leader ship to optimus prime".... that movie was awesome... there
    were some other pretty awesome movie clips as well but I forgot... "the
    cybertron thing probably the most coolest"... just for the kick of it...
    I'll play it one more time (second time) after I am done with this posting
    to witness it's awesomeness.

    I am also very glad that the game perfectly visits into generation 1... at
    least much better than the movies ! Well done by the developers I say ! ;)

    This game could have been even more great if it had a First Person Mode
    instead of a Third Person Mode.... the third person mode was kinda annoying
    and a hinderence most of the time... it just plays whacky... though I wonder
    if the game might have been a bit more boring in FPS... it might have...

    The enemie's AI ain't that great... and the friendly AI is probably very
    stupid... that's why the friendlies never die... at least not the guys with
    you... I didn't really mind though... but when you think about it it's kinda
    stupid... then again if the died the whole time it might have been
    frustrating... but then again.... it might also have been very cool if it
    was done in a Left 4 Dead kinda style...

    The fly levels were pretty cool... the campagne of the decepticons was
    probably the coolest... but the autobots was pretty cool as well...

    I missed one thing in this game though... I missed the big motherfucking
    blasting gun of Optimus Prime ?!

    Optimus Prime used to have this HUGE (penis) of a BLASTER ?! Where the hell
    is it in this game ?!? This game doesn't have it which is kinda a mockery
    and putting a shame to Optimus Prime... that Blaster is ICONIC... it should
    have been in there ?!? :)

    I was kinda looking forward to it... but I never had it ?!? Kinda strange.

    The animation series is kinda short on details of cybertron... I think the
    developers managed pretty well to extent that... or maybe they had helped
    from some...

    Sometimes it didn't seem to fully add it up though ;) :)

    I do wish cybertron was a bit more like in the series with lot's of
    corridors and elevators going up and down... and tubes where you could fall
    down... or like canyons or something and bridges over the cayons... or maybe
    that would be to boring and gray like looking ;) but all in all it ain't to

    This cybertron is a bit more modern I kinda like it too ! ;) :)

    The music was kinda crappy.

    The guns alright but could have been more and better ;) :) more effects or

    Anyway... somebody interrupted me while I was typing this (phone) so now I
    have to cut this one short ;) :)

    Anyway the story is fricking awesome... it's cool... the voice telling the
    story is cool.

    I haven't tried the multiplayer yet.. it might be possible though... if I
    ever try it i'll let you know... ;) :)

    The number of characters in single player was kinda low... that's kinda a
    bummer... didn't get to see arcee for example...

    Ok anyway... even after all this critique the game still gets a whoping big
    9 out of 10 stars !

    And you know what that means ?! ;) :)

    That means this game is not to be missed if you even remotely like
    Transformers Generation 1 ! ;) :)

    I think the game is gonna sell big.

    One final word/note: The developers are well on their with with creating the
    ultimate transformers game...

    I am curious if there will be a transformers 2... if they do make one... I
    hope it gets an FPS mode... :)

    And now I really gotta go... bummer though... I wanted to give some more
    advice but ok...

    Best advice I can give is... make it a team game like Left 4 Dead but then
    without the zombies but with shooting enemy bots.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 1, 2010
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