Travelmate 2700 - strange power behaviour

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Tom Walker, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Tom Walker

    Tom Walker Guest

    Strange behaviour - I have already replaced the external power adaptor
    as I initially thought that was failing.

    Symptoms include:

    1. Operating laptop on power, with battery inserted - after a while, it
    will revert to battery power. Won't recognise when the external power
    plug is inserted, so eventually drains down the battery.

    2. When 1 above occurs, if I shut down the system, the battery charging
    indicator comes on and the battery recharges.

    Currently it is shut down, external power on and battery inserted and
    the battery led is flashing orange. Don't know what that means, so I'm
    going to turn it on and look at the documentation.

    I've emailed Acer Support about this (two weeks ago) but so far had no
    response - the laptop is just over 2 years old.

    I'd appreciate any guidance on troubleshooting this further - is it
    hardware? Or could it be some corruption in Windows (XP Pro SP2 - kept
    current with WSUS)?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Tom Walker
    Tom Walker, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. Tom Walker

    smurfcity Guest

    Hi. There is a problem with the power pin connector on this model.
    This machine should be returned if under warranty to be repaired.
    smurfcity, Apr 7, 2006
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  3. Tom Walker

    Tom Walker Guest

    Thank you - unfortunately it is well out of warranty.

    It's been back to Acer for repair - looks like they have changed the
    motherboard - I was informed this morning that it is due back on Thursday.
    Tom Walker, Apr 11, 2006
  4. Tom Walker

    smurfcity Guest

    Hope it is sorted correctly for you. Thoroughly check the machine t
    make sure it is fully working and returned in the condition in whic
    it was no damage done to it.... :
    smurfcity, Apr 15, 2006
  5. Tom Walker

    atemkin Guest

    I have the same problem with my Travelmagte 2700 and it is not unde
    warranty. I called ACER and they want $500 to fix it. Anyone find
    cheaper alternative
    atemkin, Jun 2, 2006
  6. Tom Walker

    smurfcity Guest

    you may be able to fix yourself, or get someone proficient with
    soldering iron/glue gun, to fix it for you
    The fault normally is with the power connector on the mainboard comin
    loose. A fix can be made by resoldering and then glueing the socket t
    stop future movement
    smurfcity, Jun 21, 2006
  7. Tom Walker


    Aug 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Travelmate 2700 power problem solved...

    I had the same problem exactly!

    The first time I take the computer to technical assistance and they solved the problem... for 8 or 9 months. Then the problem came back again... and the computer was no longer in warranty. So I had to open it and try to solve the problem by myself.

    My computer is an Acer Travelmate 2700 series.

    It's a tremendous headache to open this computer and try to gain access to the power slot (where the problem was). One of the pins in the power slot was not well soldered. Here is an image of the power slot indicating where the problem was (this picture was taken after the pin was soldered).


    Some of the steps I take to dismantle this laptop:

    1- Remove the plastic cover where the power button, the leds and email, IE keys are. You'll need to carefully bend the cover upwards, using a screwdriver or something similar. The cover has all sorts of clips keeping it in place, you'll just need to bend it enough so it eventually pops free, without breaking it in the process. You'll want to have the screen/lid turned very far back while doing this (this information was found at this address ).

    2- Take out the keyboard (there are 2 bolts held the keyboard in place). Underneath the keyboard there are 3 or 4 bolts that must be taken off.

    3- Remove the bolts underneath the laptop (where the battery, cooler fans and hard disk is).

    4- At this point there is 1 master difficult:

    4a- Remove one bolt underneath de DVD-ROM drive. I take the DVD drive out (I was very lucky not breaking it) to take this bolt. Lately when I solved the problem and put all pieces back together I didn't put this bolt back in the place. If in the future I have to dismantle this laptop again I will not have this problem again :D. The laptop doesn't need this bolt :p.

    5- Remove the cooler system too. There are 2 bolts underneath them. Be carefull because the CPU is "glued" to this system. In the silver part there is 2 marks saying "ON" and "OFF"... after you take off the 4 bolts with springs on them... use a screwdriver to put the bolt pointing to "OFF". Then remove the cooler system.

    6- The rest of the work is just take off a lot of bolts until the silver part separates from the black one... and at this point you gain access to power pin part. Sold the pin that has the problem and... voilá...

    This is the method I used to solve my problem. I take no responsibility for whatever you do with these instructions.

    I hope this problem doesn't appear in a long long time...
    Casca, Aug 17, 2006
  8. Tom Walker


    Mar 9, 2009
    Likes Received:
    acer 2700

    Thanks for the info on dismantling the laptop. I did not remove the dvd drive, instead I ejected the tray and drilled a hole through the plastic. If you look closely you can see the screw that has to be removed and then carefully drill a hole through which you can unscrew it. I too have left it out on completion.
    Laptop is now working fine, but take care with the charging cable it must be kepy parallel to the back of the computer. It really is a poor design which places a lot of stress on the connector- and hence the problems.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2009
    neilgm0dvh, Mar 9, 2009
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