TravelMate 290 BIOS Password

Discussion in 'Acer' started by NevK, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. NevK

    NevK Guest

    Does anyone know how to reset the BIOS password on a TM 290?, or where the
    CMOS battery is?

    NevK, Dec 27, 2003
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  2. NevK

    Patrick Guest

    I did it on my 290series (291LCi) today
    Take all the power out (Battery and uplugg)
    Open for the ram
    You have to conect the to points on a conection named "J1" for 1 secun
    with a schrudriver.
    you find it behind one of the ramsloots.
    Then you boot again.
    Passwoord gone
    Patrick, Jan 25, 2005
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