Trinity i875P (s5101) & Prescott Processors

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by mian.atif, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. mian.atif

    mian.atif Guest

    I am about to build a PC on this motherboard and am trying to find out
    whether anyone has had any problems with this board and Prescott

    Thanks in advance for any information.
    mian.atif, Jul 6, 2005
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  2. mian.atif

    mian.atif Guest

    For the people who will be asking this in the future, I have answered
    my own question:

    Someone on eBay was selling their Prescott because it
    woudnt work with their s5101. I found this mentioned
    on their auction page for the Prescott when I was
    looking for a Prescott for my own s5101!!!

    I actually had no idea about any of this before I
    bought the board and this was the first I had heard of

    I stopped caring because I did some research on
    Prescott-Northwood comparisons and found out that the
    Prescott will not give you any speed increase in games
    and thats the only reason I bought this board anyway.

    I banged around a lot of e-mails with Tyan tech
    support on this very issue but they still wouldnt tell
    me why this is so.

    The e-mails I sent to Tyan are actually the reason
    that the lack of Prescott support it is now officially
    mentioned on their website and I know this for a fact
    because the night before I sent my last e-mail to
    them, the line on their wesbite stating that 800MHz
    Prescotts were not supported, was definitely not

    Google has almost no mention of this problem and Toms
    Hardware tested this board with a Prescott without any
    problems when it first came out so it really boggled
    my mind until I talked to the eBay seller for the

    Since all Socket478 mobos on the Canterwood (875P)
    chipset came out BEFORE the Prescott was released,
    they definitely supported the Northwood (already
    released) and were SUPPOSED to support the Prescott
    when it came out.

    However, a few mobo manufacturers recalled support for
    the Prescott on their boards after the Prescott was
    released because they realised that their boards had
    heat-sensitive components (MOSFETS, CAPS, etc) placed
    close to the CPU socket.

    This placement would have been OK for a 'cool'
    processor like the Northwood whose thermal specs were
    available when the board was designed, but the
    Prescott runs a lot HOTTER and if any of these parts
    overheat from the extra heat given off by the CPU as
    well as the extra voltage requirements of a Prescott,
    they will 'fry' the board completely.

    When everyone started using a Prescott in the s5101,
    Tyan started getting RMA requests for boards with
    cooked components around the CPU. Therefore they
    withdrew support for the Prescott on this board and in
    a subsequent BIOS flash, they actually wrote code that
    will make it shut down if it is booted up with a
    Prescott installed.

    To get it working with a Prescott, put any 'supported' non-Prescott
    CPU into this board and flash it with one of the
    earlier BIOSes.

    This will give you Prescott support BUT MAKE SURE you
    have a separate fan pointed at the components around
    the CPU AND you have RAMSINKS on all the capacitors
    and mosfets around the CPU.

    Even then, I wouldnt try it since these boards are
    expensive, hard to find and a lot more solid than the
    closest competition, the ASUS P4C800E which has
    serious problems with the front USB ports frying the
    mobo, which is a whole other issue and something even
    mentioned on the Gigabyte website although Tyan has no
    mention of it on theirs website. Asus blames it on
    Intel's bad designing of the board, but, like I said,
    a whole other issue.

    Also, this explains why Tyan supports the Extreme Edition and
    Northwood, but not the Prescott on this board.

    Hope this helps.
    mian.atif, Jul 28, 2005
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