Trinity S1590 and the VIA MVP3 problematic USB

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Andreas Schumm, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Dear experts,

    i want to use a PCI-USB Card to bypass the VIA MVP3 chipset USB-bug (There
    is really no way to fix ist).

    But the board will not integrated by BIOS-POST (Interrupt: n.a) when I
    disable the internal USB Functions.

    When I leave the internal USB ON, the board will integrated and becomes an
    Interrupt, but USB devices on the card
    showes the same bugy fail-functions like the internal USB-Host.

    by the way: windows xp do not boot when internal USB host is disabled.

    any solution? maybe a dirty BIOS-hack?

    Andreas Schumm, Dec 19, 2003
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  2. Andreas Schumm

    taifuun Guest

    Do you are installed VIA 4 in 1 drivers and USB fix from their web??
    taifuun, Dec 22, 2003
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