Trying to solve overheating problems. need advice on cases, fans, chips and other things.

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Kevin C. Redden, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. Hi all:

    I've been plagued with an overheating system for the past few months, and
    lately I'm starting to get hardware problems, so I'm in the market for a
    new system.

    I build my own systems, but this is the first time I've had overheating
    problems of this magnitude. I don't overclock the systems, so that
    elimates that.

    I keep a little heat read-out program (speedfan) and if the room is about
    74/23 degrees, then the system will run about 104/40 degrees. But this is
    with the case panels off, and a deskfan running full blast onto the MB.
    If there's no fan, the system rapidly goes past 130/54 degrees, and XP
    Pro will freeze up. This overheating problem has only happened in the
    past year. I keep the system totally clean, but still it's overheating

    Since I'm going to have to buy a new system what are people's "Real-
    world" solutions? What have you done to keep yoru system cool enough?
    What I'd like to know, is what sort of cases, motherboards, chips, and
    cooling system should I go for? I'm trying to stay away from liquid
    cooled cases, but will consider such as a more expensive alterative.

    A friend has said that I should have aluminum cases, instead of steel.
    Another said my Duron chip may be a hotter chip than others.

    My system is a 1.1 ghz duel processor, with a duron chip (only 1
    processor though.) 512 megs SDRAM memory. 1 seagate tape drive, 1 CDRW
    drive, 3.5" drive, ATX design. The Motherboard is a ASUS, but I'm not
    sure of the model number. I also have a Sound blaster sound card, a
    nVidia TNT card AGP, (about 7 years old, but still runs fine.), and a NIC
    card for a cable modem.

    A friend also recommended a case I think called 'Thermix' or 'Thermial'
    that's suppose to be supergood in cooling. I want also that's a good
    quality case, and getting into it, doesn't require a Ph'd. I don't care
    about colors, or designs. Basic beign, square is fine with me. As long as
    it keeps my system running cool enough!

    Kevin C. Redden, Aug 16, 2003
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  2. Kevin C. Redden

    path Guest

    The most likely possibility is that your CPU's heatsink is not installed
    correctly, or there is no thermal paste or thermal pad.
    path, Aug 18, 2003
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