Tualatin microcode update for P2B-xx BIOS

Discussion in 'Asus' started by P2B, Nov 27, 2003.

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    For some time now instructions on adding the microcode update for
    Tualatin tB1 stepping (CPUID 06B4) processors to the CMOS memory on Asus
    P2B series mainboards have been posted on my P2B Modification site:


    The original method simply writes the new microcode to an area in CMOS
    memory used by the BIOS to store microcode for the current CPU, so the
    updated microcode gets erased if you clear CMOS.

    Recently I received email from Erwin Dokter, who had developed a
    procedure for modifying the BIOS to include the 06B4 microcode in
    addition to all microcode originally supplied by Asus. This method
    involves a couple of extra steps, but allows you to update the BIOS
    permanently so the new microcode will not be lost if CMOS is cleared.

    I have updated my site to include detailed instructions for both
    methods, and also posted a link to the updated microcode file
    (cpucode.exe) for those who don't have a hex editor :)


    Revision 1014 beta 3 BIOSes modified using this method should work on
    all P2B series mainboards, and have been successfully tested on P2B,
    P2B-S, P2B-D, and P2B-DS boards to date.

    Thanks Erwin!

    P2B, Nov 27, 2003
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