TUF Gaming Z590 PCIe Display no signal

Discussion in 'Asus' started by old_ngray, Feb 18, 2022.

  1. old_ngray


    Feb 18, 2022
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    Just installed this board which has onboard graphics. Installed GTX1070ti in PCIe slot, No signal. plugged the HDMI into the MB and it worked. Turned off power, plugged HDMI back into the 1070 and it worked. Shut down and restarted, no signal.
    Using the onboard display opened the BIOS. Changed PRIMARY Display from AUTO to PCIe. Shutdown, HDMI into the 1070, Turned on got no signal again. Was able to get the onboard display to work and changed the BIOS back to Auto.
    This time when I tried to boot with the 1070 everything was fine. Shut down again and rebooted got no signal yet I was able to boot with the onboard graphics.
    Driving me coo coo. No matter what setting I use I will sometimes get a good boot and other times no signal.
    While if I use the onboard graphics it will boot every time.

    System ASUS TUF Gaming Plus Z590 I5 11600K @ 3900 32G Coursair DDR4 3200 LPX 1TB Samsung SSD 1TB Hypix Gold SSD EVGA GTX 1070ti Viewsonic 32
    old_ngray, Feb 18, 2022
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