TUSL2-C loses primary IDE

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Mika Takala, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Mika Takala

    Mika Takala Guest


    I have a Asus TUSL2-C mainboard,
    PIII 800MHz, 512MB, Asus GF2,
    Sblive CT46xx, unnamed nic.

    I also have a 40GB quite recent Seagate Barracuda IV disk as Primary master,
    Plextor 8/4/32 CDRW as secondary master and 27GB IBM drive on secondary

    Two weeks ago the system started locking up. I noticed that filesystem of
    the seagate had become corrupted during some operation, and thought it was
    only fat32 acting up. I had a Norton Ghost image of the drive on IBM drive,
    but that didn't work as I had deleted a part of the norton image stripe file
    set :(
    After pressing reset, the seagate disk had disappeared; bios didn't seem to
    recognize it without power-cycling the system.

    Last weekend I ran the seagate& ibm disk tools, no errors were found on
    either of the disks. I tested the seagate disk on a second system and no
    errors were found. ThenI did a total fresh reinstall of the system - and
    ntfs this time. Installed the latest Intel Application Accelerators too.

    Last week the system was still locking up, and now I moved the IBM disk to
    primary slave. I left defrag running on the seagate drive in hopes of
    getting the system to lock up, and it sure did. After reset, bios didn't see
    any drives on primary ide. Power-cycling helped this time too.

    Are there any documented cases of this type of behavior? I did some googling
    and found out that newer Sb Lives (the Player and 1024 -versions) had some
    ACPI shortcomings resulting in IDE problems, but I can't really connect
    these two together.

    Is my MB officially dead? Is there anything I could try? I have yet to
    confirm similar symptons when I have the disks on secondary IDE, but that
    would only confirm that I still have that working, or confirm that the ide
    controller is totally broken.
    Mika Takala, Feb 6, 2004
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