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tv-out physical setup assist req'd for total moron

Discussion in 'ATI' started by foolhammer, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. foolhammer

    foolhammer Guest

    I desperately hope this post is on-topic for this group, but I really
    have no idea where else to turn. If this _is_ in the wrong place, some
    advice on where to check next would be appreciated.

    Here's the deal; I'm using a radeon 9250 video card, w. TV-out, and I'm
    having a hell of a time getting it to work in clone mode using my TV.
    Insofar as it's pc-based functions go, I'm satisfied; no problems on
    that end. What I need a hand with is the actual wiring for my
    tv/stereo/vcr, etc.

    I needed to use an RF-connector to start with, since my tv only has a
    cable-in or tulip connectors; my vcr/dvd combo doesn't fare much
    better; it has an s-video _out_, but not _in_. At any rate, I have the
    s-video _out_ cable running from the pc to the rf-connector. Do I
    connect it to the vcr, then connect the vcr to the tv, or do I connect
    directly to the tv from the rf-connector? And if it's going to the vcr,
    then what channel should it be getting the signal on? 3, 4, av1 and av2
    don't seem to work. I should not that I have tried directly to the TV
    via the adapter, and it hasn't worked.

    (On the software end of things, I'm using CATALYST, and it _claims_
    that it's running in clone mode, and recognizes my TV, but who knows if
    that's right...)

    At any rate, some advice would be VERY much appreciated, even if the
    advice is it won't work with an adapter, give it up and get a new tv".

    Thanks in advance.
    foolhammer, Sep 22, 2005
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