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twin gigabyte 6800 ultra problems

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Darrel Christenson, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Thought I'd post my woes in a couple places and
    see if anyone had an idea for me I haven't tried.

    So I'm building a new pc with an AMD fx-55, 2 gigs
    of memory, sata drives, and 2 GV-NX68U256d-B nvidia
    6800 ultra cards on an Asus 8NI-SLI Deluxe.

    After installing with the mobo in dual card mode
    and the cards in and the sli bridge on everything
    is fine till I got to the nVidia drives - then
    every few seconds the screen flickers to black
    and bak, if I was trying to open a screen it
    appears after the next flicker scrambled, and
    eventually the screen goes black and the system
    is essentially unusable or suddenly the nvidia
    drivers are lost and it's fine again as a simple
    vga card.

    After a couple formats and reinstalls (32-bit
    Windows XP Pro by the way), at the recommendation
    of Asus I tweaked the mobo to single card mode
    aen took the card out of the secondary pci express
    slot, reformatted and reinstalled - same thing.

    And up to now I've tried drivers in different order,
    flashed the mobo bios, and tried the Gigabyte latest
    drivers from their web page as well as the newest
    ones from nVidia - same thing.

    Then just for grins, I swapped the 2 cards and put
    the one that had been in the secondary slot and
    was not sitting on the side into slot 1 - no
    flickers and artifacts. So again full drive
    format and Windows install, updates and reference
    drives - no problems. Spent the last 4 days doing
    additional software installs and updates, lots of
    reboots - no problems.

    So it's not a bad slot, bad memory, mobo, old bios
    or drivers, other hardware conflicts, etc.

    At last I thought maybe I'd had a card loose all
    the time, so I put the card that used to be in the
    primary pci express slot all along in the secondary
    one after flipping the mobo back to 2 card mode
    and putting the sli bridge back on...

    .... immediate dot and aritfacts and the nvidia
    drivers vanished. Reverted back to single card
    mode taking that card back out - perfect system
    with the nVidia drivers right where they had been
    one restart.

    Q: so is it likely a bad card, is there someone
    out there who has run into anything like this and
    has a suggestion for me to try before I call up
    Gigabyte tomorrow and see what they have to say
    and possibly arrange to send the card back as bad?

    Darrel :)
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    Darrel Christenson, Jul 4, 2005
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