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Two cards NOT in SLI ??

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by pete, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. pete

    pete Guest


    I am getting an Nvidia FX3400 (cad) and want to know if I can use the Nvidia
    GE7800 with it on the Asus A8N-SLI motherboard, NOT in SLI but as separates.
    Ie the 3400 for cad and the 7800 for games. If you read the link above it
    mentions that you can use two different cards Nvidia with an ATI, so would
    two different Nvidia cards work also.

    Four monitors, one PC
    Boosted gaming performance is not the only advantage of having two graphics
    slots, as the A8N SLI Deluxe also allows for up to four monitor outputs to
    be used in a multi-monitor configuration in non-SLI mode (assuming the
    graphics cards have dual outputs). This is beneficial for those of us who
    require massive screen real estate for tasks such as music making and video
    editing. In this type of setting the cards don't have to be identical (as
    they won't be connected to each other) and they don't even have to be from
    the same graphics chipset manufacturer! NVIDIA-based cards can be used in
    conjunction with ATI-based cards, but each card's own multi-monitor
    management software will be disabled; instead, Windows XP's own
    multi-monitor configuration options need to be used.
    pete, Jul 8, 2005
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  2. pete wrote:

    I think You mean a Nvidia _Quadro_ FX 3400...
    Probably. But unless You do CAD for living and require software support
    You're much better with the 7800 alone...
    Well, I wouldn't bet that on all displays 3D acceleration works

    Benjamin Gawert, Jul 9, 2005
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  3. pete

    Arthur Hagen Guest

    It's not just software support that's different, but the drivers and
    hardware too (and no, the Quadra drivers won't install on a non-Quadro
    card, and won't work properly on a modified card). There's workstation
    features that aren't enabled in the nVidia consumer drivers.
    Anti-aliased line drawing, for example, is not available on a Geforce,
    but is a *must* for CAD.
    Multiple hardware stencils? No support on the Geforce cards.

    The workstation drivers also emphasize precision over speed, while the
    Geforce drivers don't promise accuracy even on the "highest quality"
    settings. The GeForce cards are made for gaming, pure and simple.

    I see two problems with having both cards, though:

    1: Drivers. I doubt that a Quadro driver and Geforce driver can
    co-exist. You usually can mix cards from different vendors, but not
    from the same vendor, as the file names tend to be the same and will
    overwrite each other.

    2: Very few, if any, dual PCI motherboards allow full 16x speed on both
    major slots with cards in both. (This is a reason why many speed tests
    report that SLI is slower than a single card when SLI isn't in use.)
    I wouldn't bet that it works at all, due to #1 above. The best thing
    would be to call nVidia, ask for escalation past the call center, and
    ask someone who actually knows.

    Arthur Hagen, Jul 9, 2005
  4. Thats BS. The Quadro FX is just a plain GF 6800 Ultra GPU with a
    different hardware ID that unlocks a few additional functions like
    antialiased lines.
    Again BS. The drivers for Quadro and Geforce are THE SAME. The
    "certified drivers" just standard Detonator/Forceware drivers from
    which some Revisions are certified for certain software packages. The
    drivers just check the card ID and of they find a Quadro they activate
    several additional functions. That's it...
    First, AA lines worked pretty well for me for several years on a
    Creative Labs GF2MX that I modified to q Quadro2 MXR. Second, the
    importance for AA lines heavily depends on what You do. It is a must
    for complex projects that need ultrahigh precision, but for hobby
    use/learning it's not necessary...

    Besides that, there are software tools which change the card ID the
    driver reads thus enabling all the Quadro features...
    Again, easy to activate...
    The current drivers indeed do accuracy on the "hig quality" setting.
    Pure and simple, fact is that the GPUs on a GF6800U and a Quadro FX
    3400 are _identical_. The real difference between Quadro and Geforce is
    how the drivers treat them...
    Again BS. Until recently I had a machine running with a GF4Ti4200 and
    two Quadro4 NVS 100 cards. Multihead worked fine, which is clear since
    Quadro and Geforce drivers are the same...
    Any references to these "tests"?

    Even 8x-PCIe (which is around AGP4x speed) is more than fast enough
    even for heavy 3D stuff with lots of textures...
    Well, I don't need to bet, since I _know_ that it works...

    Benjamin Gawert, Jul 9, 2005
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