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Two monitors cannot get dvd picture on 2nd monitor????????

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Jibberer, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Jibberer

    Jibberer Guest

    Got a 9600xt running 2 19inch monitors same res etc
    trying to drag windvd picture onto second monitor but it goes blank yet when
    dragged back to first monitor plays as normal any ideas how to get it to
    work on 2nd monitor

    thanks for any input

    Jibberer, Jan 16, 2004
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  2. Jibberer

    Gordon Scott Guest

    Gordon Scott, Jan 16, 2004
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  3. Jibberer

    J. Clarke Guest

    It only shows on the primary display unless you have theater mode enabled,
    and you can't enable theater mode while using an extended desktop.
    J. Clarke, Jan 16, 2004
  4. Jibberer

    PB Guest

    Wow, another amazing feat of ATI engineering and coding.

    Will the wonders never cease?

    If I have a card that can display on two monitors at once, I better damn
    well be able to display anything I please on either or both monitors any
    time I please.

    PB, Jan 16, 2004
  5. Jibberer

    Mike Corlett Guest

    yep, it's the overlay.

    Temp solution is to make the 2nd monitor the "Primary" monitor whilst
    you watch the DVD :)

    Mike Corlett, Jan 16, 2004
  6. Jibberer

    Shawk Guest

    Using Power DVD here with an extended desktop and watching a DVD while
    typing this - no probs whatsoever and nothing to do with overlay. Sapphire
    9600 Pro with 3.10 drivers. Have a look at the resolution of each monitor.

    Shawk, Jan 16, 2004
  7. Jibberer

    pjp Guest

    You'll find it's not ATI's problem but rather a generic problem with the way
    "hardware overlay" is implemented by MS, something to do with the way things
    are "bypassed" to "keep up" with the video feed speed.

    If you use "player software" which instead does it's thing using
    "software/preview" mode rather than "hardware overlay" mode (won't be as
    clean/smooth) it'll display on either monitor. Least that's the way it is
    for me here, Radeon 7200 primary and Xpert98 secondary.

    Note using two separate video cards, I don't have a theatre mode.
    pjp, Jan 16, 2004
  8. Jibberer

    Martin Guest


    I definitely don't want to start a flame war here, but if the above is
    true, why can I put anything on either monitor with my Ti4600? I can
    just drag a DVD window across, or indeed have full screen on the CRT
    with a small or minimized version on the TFT.

    ATI should fix this.


    Martin, Jan 16, 2004
  9. Jibberer

    J. Clarke Guest

    What software are you using to do this? It is not _required_ that hardware
    overlay be used.
    They probably could by not using the hardware overlay, but that would hurt
    performance. If you don't want to use the overlay then find software that
    doesn't use it.
    J. Clarke, Jan 16, 2004
  10. Jibberer

    rabid Guest

    Had this problem last night with powerdvd trying to play ultimate
    First time I tried it...

    The solution was to use
    "classic media player"
    the best, and I have tried a ton, media player...

    It plays dvd's and I was able to view dvd output
    on my 46" hitachi no problems - very sweet...
    rabid, Jan 18, 2004
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