Tyan 133 recognize 250GB Disk as 131GB

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Sanjay Kumar, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay Kumar Guest

    Hi Folks !

    I have a dual processor Tyan 133 (S1834), WIndows 2000 system.
    I just got a Maxtor 250Gb drive and to my surprise on-board Ultra 66 controller
    recognizes only 131 GB (according to Partition Magic). Tried putting the disk
    on Promise Ultra 66 controller and it still doesn't go beyond the well known
    limit of 137GB. I tried to flash the Bios but this being such an old motherboard
    I am wondering if that will be enough. Will an Ultra 133 controller unlock the
    drive capacity or am I stuck with lower capacity under I move to a newer mother
    board ? Has anyone gotten a Big drive to work with Tiger 133 ?

    Thank you,

    Sanjay Kumar, Mar 24, 2006
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  2. I'm not sure why you think the controller only recognizes 131GB or what
    specifically partition magic told you. I think you're completely
    misunderstanding what you're being told. For example, partition magic may be
    telling you that there's a 131GB partition on your drive or that its
    partition table is for a 131GB drive, none of which has anything to do with
    the size of the drive as seen by the controller.


    David Schwartz, Mar 24, 2006
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  3. Sanjay Kumar

    Bob Babcock Guest

    I don't have any 1834s in use any more, but as I recall, the trick with big
    disks was to set the CMOS to autodetect, then the size would be properly
    detected at each boot. I'm not sure how big a disk will work this way.
    Also, Win/2K needs SP3 or later and a registry tweak:
    Bob Babcock, Mar 25, 2006
  4. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay Kumar Guest

    I downloaded Maxtor MaxBlast and that solved the problem. It made
    the registry fix so WIndows 2000 could recognize > 137 GB partitions.
    It also let me partition and copied boot records and files to new
    disk. Very nice tool.
    Sanjay Kumar, Mar 26, 2006
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