tyan 2460 works with redundant 300W PS from topower. NO other PSU works

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by dank, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. dank

    dank Guest

    Please help me with a strange problem.

    I inherited a linux system with a dual athlon
    tyan tiger MP 2460 and a topower TOP-300RM PS
    powering 9 disks and 1GB RAM in 2 DIMMs.

    The power supply is failing (it's beeping due to
    multiple stopped fans in unit), but the system
    works. I do think I am getting some flaky disk
    issues due to the dying PS.

    Bought 2 new power supplies. Neither worked.
    Both new PSs start all the fans (including CPU fans)
    and the disk enclosures panels and fans, but nothing
    happens on the video. No POST. No BIOS screen.


    new PS #1) junk? linkworld 430W PS
    new PS #2) good? antec truepower 480W

    Both have same symptoms. Nothing happens.
    What is going on?

    I'll take any help you can offer.
    dank, Jan 28, 2005
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  2. dank

    dank Guest

    On further googling I find that this is not
    an unusual "strange" problem with the 2460.
    But, if anybody has any good ideas please still
    let me know.
    dank, Jan 28, 2005
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  3. dank

    dr ratt Guest

    is it not possible to replace the dead fans? it appears the psu is supplying
    enough power at bootup, when cold, but as the temp increases psus perform
    less efficiently leading to the symptoms you describe. i've been running an
    s2460 for over 3years using an enermax430watt, originally, swapping in an
    antec tp550watt later. the 1st antec died at about 2 years old but was
    replaced under the 3yr warranty, the 2nd is now running fine for 10months
    and counting. pc power & cooling make the best psus at reasonable prices but
    afaik they're only available in the usa.

    it's worth noting that both cpus take power from the 12v line, as do all
    hdds - at boot time is when maximum power supply is required so this is the
    most likely time for a psu to prove itself not up to the job. official
    recommendation for psu is to have [iirc] 30+amps available on the 5v line,
    i'd suggest more like 40, which both the psus i've used supply.

    no idea

    would have thought this one would be suitable. you do run a lot of hdds,

    also, the dying psu has almost certainly damaged your ram, mine went not
    long after the 1st antec died - after initially testing fine. try getting
    hold of a known working dimm to replace your ram with & test with video & 1
    hdd only, reduce power demands to the minimum & try with the antec480watt.

    best of luck,
    dr ratt
    dr ratt, Jan 28, 2005
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