tyan 2466 with a raid card and a 1000Mb network card

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by zhoujian, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. zhoujian

    zhoujian Guest

    Dear all,

    We recently tried to set up a SATA raid server. Our system detail is:

    tyan s2466N Motherboard ;
    Highpoint 1820A raid card and raid 5 system ( 6* maxtor 200G sata hard
    disk );
    intel 1000M network card (have also tested a 3com 1000M network card) ;
    1 GB memory , video card...
    Redhat 9.0 OS

    So, the raid card and network card are both using a 64bit PCI slot. and
    the motherboard just have two 64bit PCI slots.

    But when I plug the both cards into the two slots, the system is not
    stable. It hangs when I copy some big files on the raid or copy files
    through the network card. It hangs even when I use one 64bit slot and
    one 32bit slot.

    If I only use the raid card (without the 1000M network card, only use
    the 10/100Mb network card on the motherboard), it works well.

    If I only use the 1000M network card(without the raid card, only use
    small system disk), it works well also.

    So, I am not sure that if the motherboard 2466 can use the both two
    64bit PCI slots at one time? Is there any method to use the both cards
    in the 2466 motherboard?

    Thank you for your reading.

    Best wishes

    zhoujian, Sep 22, 2005
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  2. zhoujian

    bhoover Guest

    You might try looking at latency timings, and bus mastering (should
    most probably be turned on) - check the related PCI settings in the
    bios. If niether of those help, you might do some manual chipset
    configuration editing using something like the WPCREDIT program to
    manually set chipset configuration register bits - will probably need
    to get hold of bios, and/or chipset documentation from Tyan's ftp

    These things come to mind, because recently, playing around, and
    reading documentation, I've seen that, for instance, PCI to AGP
    communications can require custom chipset configuration, and so, I
    thought maybe you're running into something like that. Obviously
    though, your problem could be more basic.

    Using both 64bit slots shouldn't be a problem, in general, so that's
    not likely it. Sounds like, as noted above, producer/consumer timing
    problems. Bus mastering should most certainly be turned on for both
    cards, and short of chipset tweaking, perhaps the network card
    configuration software has some timing related settings you can try.

    Again, your situation could be more basic, and this response is
    somewhat biased as a function of recent readings.

    bhoover, Sep 22, 2005
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