Tyan K8WE Thunder memory question

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Scotter, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Scotter

    Scotter Guest

    OK... so this motherboard has 4 RAM slots per processor.
    Right now it's working fine with:

    - four 512 MB sticks at CPU #1
    - two 1 GB sticks at CPU #2

    Total 4 gig

    I'm wondering if I buy two more 1 GB sticks, the following config of 3 gig
    per processor will work. The chart in my motherboard manual is confusing to
    read. I'm pretty sure it will work but just wondering if anyone out there
    has tried this config. I suppose the only reason I'm having doubts is the
    uneven (3) gigs per processor and mixing 512s with 1s AND mixing speeds. Oh
    sure they are all ECC/REG PC3200 but the 512s are slightly less
    performance-oriented RAM than the 1s. Comments please? Thanks!

    - two 1 GB sticks + two 512 MB sticks at CPU #1
    - two 1 GB sticks + two 512 MB sticks at CPU #2

    Total 6 gig

    So ... thinking more on the issue of different latencies, should I try to
    group the sticks so similar latencies are all at the same CPU and basically
    see if I can put all the fastest RAM at CPU #1 and maybe go with something

    - four 1 GB sticks at CPU #1
    - four 512 MB sticks at CPU #2


    or maybe just sell the 512's so I can more easily have same latencies and
    sizes across the board with more slots open for later... ?

    Finally, heh, has anyone seen faster than PC3200 in REG/ECC flavor? Looking
    on NewEgg, etc., I see PC3200 as the fastest you can get right now if you
    need to have REG/ECC :(

    Yeah, I wanted to try a bit of overclocking.

    Tyan Thunder K8WE
    Two Opteron 252's
    Cooling: two Zalman c9500s
    4 GB low latency RAM
    XFX 7800 GTX 256 (490/1300)
    500 GB Hitachi SATA300 drive
    160 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA150 drive
    Scotter, Jan 19, 2006
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