Tyan S1854 (Trinity 400) video card?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Alan Biddle, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Alan Biddle

    Alan Biddle Guest


    I have the above MB in a 6 year old Micron computer. It makes a good
    utility machine for my ham station. Shortly after I bought it as my
    primary machine, I upgraded to an ATI video card to replace the OEM
    64M NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS/PRO. That card worked well for years, but
    recently died. In trying to get a replacement, I bought, and
    returned, 3 cards. Two had NVIDIA chips, and the other was an ATI. In
    the case of the NVIDIA-based boards, it would run perfectly, until you
    started using it. After a while, the display would lock up and/or
    crash, as if it were overheating. How soon it died depended on how
    hard you worked the display. (Cooling checked, and good.) The ATI
    card would not boot to Windows XP at all. Fortunately, I still have
    the original board, though it is on its 3rd cooling fan.

    After talking with all three tech supports, the problem _seems_ to be
    the AGP 4X implementation on the MB not being compatible with modern
    boards, even if they are listed as 2X,4X, and 8X compatible. They are
    waving their hands, really, but the old replacement ATI card was only
    4X, and one I borrowed from a friend, out of his machine, was 4X and
    worked fine. All the new cards I tried were 8X, backwardly compatible
    with 4X. This does lend some credence to the theory.

    An obvious solution is to give up and get a new machine, or get a used
    card on eBay or similar. However, I thought I might ask if anyone
    knows of a current card which will work in this application?
    Alan Biddle, Apr 26, 2006
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