Tyan S2460 MP2600+

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Jorgen Lundman, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Since there wasn't a lot of clear information out there when I
    received my S2460 I thought I would post my findings.

    I emailed Tyan to ask about CPU, but they took the "officially that
    mboard will only take 1900" which is a bit lame. But anyway, I put in
    2x AMD MP2600+. They work just fine. They are proper MP, not XPs
    modified. They come up as 2000Hz from Bios (1.05) when they should be
    2133. I thought maybe I was running them slightly underclocked, but
    when installing mbm5 I see it reporting running at 2133.

    I have only a 340W PSU (+5 at 32A), with fan toward the mboard. It is
    doing fine, but there was not enough airflow so CPU2 would get hot.
    Installed an extra fan to pull out some air, and CPUIdle Extreme,
    which helps. Temperature is more stable, but probably high to most
    people. It is a well tiny case (had to saw some of the CDROM framework
    to fit the memory. I will buy a new case now that I know it all

    Currently they are stable at 39 (case), 49 (cpu1), 50(cpu2) and 34
    (drive 3).

    They will climb to 56 when I push the CPUs.

    By far worse is the lack of big hard disks (over 137Gb). If you stick
    on an OS that knows about large disks, it will appear to work, but it
    really isn't. But you can just buy a PCI IDE card and it is all well.
    Don't know if you can make it boot from it thought. Mailed Tyan about
    BIOS, they can't do anything, disappointing that they didn't even
    suggest the PCI card thing though. It is about giving me options after

    SBLive didn't work at all in the last PCI slot, don't know why. Moved
    it to slot 5 and it works fine.

    Dazzle2 mpg2 caputing card wont work at all, the machine wont even
    POST with it in. Unsure if I can get it to work by reserving irqs.. I
    know it does not want to share irqs at all. (But if it doesn't even

    But yeah, fun road to get here, but it is running surprisingly well

    Tyan S2460 1.05
    2x AMD MP 2600+
    512 MB Reg ECC PC2100 memory
    10G, 80G, 250G HDs.
    Sony DRW500u DVDRW
    nic (whatever PCI one I found)
    Bufallo PCI IDE card.
    Extra 4000rpm 6cm fan
    Jorgen Lundman, Feb 11, 2004
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  2. Jorgen Lundman

    SPG Guest


    I tried runing an S2460 with two AMD MP2000+ and they seemed to work ok, but
    every now and then the system would just lock up.
    Tyan told me it was something to do with voltages powering the CPU's and
    that they were not supported.
    I am no MB or CPU guru, so I just took what they said and got a new MB.
    Solved the problem.
    Just something to be aware of..

    SPG, Feb 11, 2004
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  3. Jorgen Lundman

    Miloman Guest

    Since when and how long are you running this config?
    Ever had a look at your ATX-connector?
    Miloman, Feb 12, 2004
  4. Comming up on 4 weeks. Yep, read about the connector meltdown, keeping
    an eye on it but no problems at all. Be aware that the 2600+ pulls
    quite a bit less power then the 1700+. Also, not sure if the one case
    that I saw is considered proof of a flaw, or merely insignificant
    statistics. We shall see! :)

    It is very stable so far (touch wood), and Q3 push about 150fps. I
    need to upgrade my geforce one day, but make sure I don't get one that
    pulls too much +5v.

    Jorgen Lundman, Feb 13, 2004
  5. Jorgen Lundman

    Miloman Guest

    OK, nice! Keep us posted!
    For your video-card: you might considder a card which has a auxillary
    power-connector, like the faster ATI's have.
    Miloman, Feb 13, 2004
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