Tyan S2875ANRF configuration and questions

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by latop, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. latop

    latop Guest

    Does anyone have any expereince with the following configuration:
    1. Tyan S2875 ANRF
    2. 4 gig of Kingston memory
    3. Dual Opterons 246 cpu's
    4. I will be adding two PCI-32 3COM nic cards and a 2940UW
    scsi adpater.

    My goal is to load VMWare ESX server 2.5 on the server, and test 64 bit
    versions of Linux. I will be using a Adapatec 2940UW to access a disk
    array. My questions on this configuration are:
    1. Is this motherboard a reliable dual cpu board?
    2. Has anyone tried running VMware on this motherboard?
    3. Has anyone tried loading Linux 64 bit version using this mb?
    4. What brand of memory is best for this mb? I know that tyan
    list compatable types but I want feedback from actual
    5. Is there a better mb with PCI 32 bit mode support? I have
    older cards that require PCI 32 bit
    6. What is the best power supply to use?
    latop, Sep 3, 2005
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