Tyan Tiger 100 S1832DL - fastest CPU?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Mr. Grinch, May 13, 2004.

  1. Mr. Grinch

    Mr. Grinch Guest

    I'm using a Tyan Tiger 100 - S1832DL motherboard. It started life with a
    single P2-400. Now it's running Dual P3-800s.

    I'd like to know what's the fastest anyone's done with this board, either
    via overlock or cpu upgrades.


    I've searched the web, and found some individuals have managed to get
    stability at 133mhz fsb. I'm not sure what the limiting factor is on my
    sysem, but the best I've managed with any stability is 112 mhz. I'm using
    the stock P3 fans from Intel, Micron PC133 ram. So I'm thinking the
    stability factor at 133 mhz could be the cooling on one CPU, the RAM, or
    one of my cards (pci or AGP).

    Does anyone know how to remove the stock fans off the P3-800 Slot 1 SECC2
    cpus? If it were easy I might try better coolers or at least cleaning up
    the thermal pad and using paste instead.

    So, I can get 896mhz at a sort-of-stable 112 fsb. I don't know if 1064mhz
    at 133mhz fsb can be stable given the potential limits of cpu cooling,
    Micron PC133 ram, or the variety of cards used.


    I emailed PowerLeap with my system specs to ask about a cpu upgrade to P3-
    1.4ghz. They say no upgrade is possible but did not give a reason why.
    I'm guessing these upgrades don't work or are not supported in a dual cpu
    system, or something specific about the S1832DL.

    I'm curious to hear from anyone who's upgraded their S1832DL to faster
    cpus, particularly P3 1.4ghz

    I know that most likely I'm better off to buy a new system. But I'm
    curious to see how much further I can push this system. I intend to hold
    off on buying a new PC until doom3 comes out, then wait and see what cpu /
    video combo works best for that. In the meantime if I can find some cheap
    upgrades for this system I'll try them. Eventually it will become my file
    server / terminal server.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or insight. This has been a great board
    for me, best compute purchase I ever made, and I'm just curious if it's got
    anything left in it.

    OS: Dual Boot Windows ME / Windows Server 2003 Standard
    Motherboard: Tyan Tiger 100 s1832DL
    Cpus: Dual Pentium 3 800mhz
    Ram: 1GB Micron RAM.
    Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Live Value
    ATA controller: Promise Ultra133 for extra drives
    Network Card: Compaq / HP NC3120 fast ethernet
    Video: Nvidia Ti4200 8x by MSI
    FireWire + USB 2.0 CARD: Adaptec DuoConnect
    CD Burner: Aopen CRW2040
    DVD Burner: TDK DVDRW0404N
    IBM 22GB disk for C: (windows ME) D: (Server 2003) and E: (Apps)
    IBM 22GB disk for F: (Games)
    Maxtor 160GB disk for G: (Data, MP3s)
    Maxtor 160GB disk for H: (Videos)
    Maxtor 300GB disk for I: (Videos, FLAC audio, Backups)
    Maxtor 40GB DISK for J: (temp files, NTFS, DVD copying, downloads)
    Monitor: Viewsonic PF815
    Scanner: Mustek 1200 CU USB 1.1
    CF card reader: SanDisk CF reader USB 1.1
    Printer: Canon i850 USB 2.0
    Keyboard: Compaq PS/2 keyboard
    Mouse: Creative Optical Mouse USB 1.1
    Mr. Grinch, May 13, 2004
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  2. Mr. Grinch

    java Guest


    I would like to know if you got any further with this board? I
    currently have one at dual P3 600's, and wish to upgrade.

    What revision is your board too? Mine is a "B", so, according to the
    tyan website, i am at the fastest CPU's i can get. Do you think it is
    possible to get any higher, despite tyan saying its not supported?

    what about using slot adapter cards at all? i just think dual 600's is
    slow today, would have liked dual 850's !

    java, Nov 27, 2004
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  3. Mr. Grinch

    LeeBos Guest

    I don't think it's possible with a Rev B. The Rev F has a different voltage
    regulator than the older rev's and supports some of the newer/faster CPU's.
    LeeBos, Nov 27, 2004
  4. Mr. Grinch


    Sep 18, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Tyan Tiger 100 Fastest CPU

    HI all,

    my first post on this forum.

    I found this thread while looking for information on exactly the same topic.
    While a bit old, thought it worth appending here rather than start a new thread.

    I have a SL1832D Rev B Tyan Tiger mobo. Given to me by the IT dept at work in an old Intergraph TDZ2000 GL2 CAD workstation and was fitted with two PII 400 CPU's. The same PC came with an Adaptec dual channel SCSI Ultra2 controller card where each channel can take 15 devices.

    Computers and mods/additions/upgrading of same is a hobby that I frequently dabble in.

    TheTyan website states that only the Rev F board can take PIII CPU's greater than 600MHZ, I was puzzled by this.

    Their statement is that the V2.00/05 BIOS supports the coppermine PIII CPU's with Cc0 stepping on Rev F mobo's.

    Many threads I researched also indicated that the problem was that the voltage regulators cannot go below 1.8V (PIII's up to 600MHz mainly use the 2.0V vore voltage). Some forums/posts sugegsted a need to fool the voltage regulators and run at 1.8V but using a jumper/link in the slots.

    However, I looked at the voltage regulators for Vcore on my Rev B mobo and found that they are RC50512M type. Some further research on the web found these chips do in fact go right down to 1.3 volts!.

    Base on this I took the plunge and bought two slot 1 PIII 800MHz Coppermine SL4BY CPU's on Ebay for AUD$16. These arrived and when plugged in worked perfectly.

    Looking in the BIOS setting, the two core voltages are displayed :
    LM79 IN0 1.76V and
    LM79 IN1 1.76V

    Therefore I conclude that if you install the latest BIOS and have the RC5051M type CPU core voltage regulators that CPU's faster than 600MHZ with 100FSB will work.
    I am about to see if i can pick up some 1GH 100FSB PIII CPU's and try those next.
    Westaust55, Sep 18, 2007
  5. Mr. Grinch


    Sep 21, 2008
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    To wake up the Tiger again

    How did you succeed?
    I am intrested of this subject cause on of my "about" 6 PC.s is a Tiger, a Tyan Tiger 100. I am almost sure its a rev. F mobo.
    Its a long time working perfect stable with one P3/1000 SL4C8 inserted
    via the really good Microstar adapter 6905 (slot1/fcpga s.370)
    I remember that I once tried the mobo with dual cpu SL4C8 but I didnt find
    one more 6905 so I tried some other adaptercards, with negative result.
    I dont think the D370A ver. 1.0 for example support FSB 133 and not dual cpu either (only one jumper on it for FSB 100)
    I think the other adapter i tried was named SLOT-T and that it should
    support FSB 133 and "dual play".
    Ofcourse now, when I read this, again start to search for 6905 adapter.
    Very hard to find one here in Sweden.
    And I can understand why people keep it.

    The Tiger with one 1 GHZ CPU is FASTER than my laptop P4 /2.0 GHZ.
    In all cases.
    (And ofcourse is the laptop.P4 very bad in graphics aspect as most laptops
    in compare with their bus-hz)
    Would be nice to hear more about ppl:s experiences here.
    MaxK, Sep 21, 2008
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